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Mycotrex (Biotabs)

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Product information

It's time to throw away all those chemical grow products and go 100% organic. Mycotrex by Biotabs contains a blend of beneficial soil fungi that increase the uptake capacity of the roots by as much as 700%. More nutrients means bigger & faster growing plants...and a much bigger yield for you to enjoy!

Available per 100 gram (suitable for up to 20 plants) or 500 gram (up to 100 plants).

Mycotrex usage

  • 1 gram = 1 level teaspoon.
  • Use 5 grams of Mycotrex per cuttings or seedling.
  • Place 2 grams in the planting hole around the roots. Mix the 3 remaining grams with the potting compost.

About Biotabs

Biotabs are a scientifically proving new growing method, based on organic soil fungi and bacteria. With easy to use products for every step of the cultivation process, beautiful and healthy plants are all but guaranteed. Big Roots, Big Fruits...Big Yields!

Try the complete Biotabs starter kit and get all the nutrition you'll need for up to 10 plants.

About Mycotrex (Biotabs)

Potting soil must always be sterile and may not contain pathogens or weed seeds. For this reason, most potting soil mixtures are steamed, which also kills the useful mycorrhizae and soil bacteria. This absence of helpers makes the crops very vulnerable. That is why it is very important to add Mycotrex to your potting soil.

Mycotrex is a mixture of 9 different types of mycorrhiza spores and contains 88 spores per gram. The combination of these spores germinates on the root system. In this way, the so-called vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae become established, which vastly increase the uptake capacity of the normal root system. In addition, the gossamer-thin hyphae penetrate far into the finest soil pores to convert and take up the available nutrients in the quantities needed for the plant.

Countless studies around the world have conclusively shown that plants with a good mycorrhiza system have better growth and a higher survival value. They also take up more nutrients (e.g. phosphates and silicon). Finally, these plants have highly improved water uptake and they retain the water for a longer time. Plants with a good mycorrhiza system are healthier and have better resistance against soil-borne diseases. Useful rhizobacteria and natural humic acids are also added to Mycotrex to promote the initial root development


Glomus claroideum, glomus etunicatum, glomus clarum, glomus sp. glomus microaggregatum, glomus intraradices, glomus mosseae, glomus geosporum, entrophospora colombiana.


Keep cool and dry. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for consumption.

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