Super zoldier serum cannabis strain

Super Zoldier Serum cannabis strain seeds by Dark Horse Genetics. This unique strain from Dark Horse Genetics promises an extraordinary cannabis journey.

Super zoldier serum cannabis strain
Super zoldier serum cannabis strain

Among passionate cannabis enthusiasts, few strain releases generate as much excitement as a new offering from acclaimed breeders Dark Horse Genetics. Their latest creation, Super Zoldier Serum, has already cemented its status as an elite genetic with unmatched potency, a stellar terpene profile, and that signature Dark Horse bag appeal.

In this detailed review, we'll examine why Super Zoldier Serum is dominating wish lists among growers and smokers alike. From its THC-packed lineage and uniquely balanced effects to growing tips for maximizing your harvest, this is the definitive guide to Super Zoldier Serum regular cannabis seeds.

Super Zoldier Serum strain Origins - Pedigree Packing a Potent Punch

One whiff of these dank, resin-drenched buds provides all the explanation needed for why Super Zoldier Serum sold out in record time at top cannabis seedbanks. This mouthwatering hybrid was expertly crafted by crossing two iconic parent strains - Zkittlez and Bitchslap.

The equally famous genetics on both sides of the family tree make Super Zoldier Serum cannabis seeds a must-have for breeders and growers aiming to expand their genetic libraries. Let's take a closer look at where this heavy-hitter inherited its elite traits.

Zkittlez - Sweet, Fruity Terpenes with Sedating Effects

Zkittlez rose to instant fame after winning 1st place for Best Indica at the 2016 Emerald Cup. The colorfully-named strain was bred by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz specifically to highlight the tastiest terpenes while minimizing any unpleasant aromas.

True to its name, Zkittlez packs a fruit punch of grape, lemon, and berry flavors softened by subtler earthy notes. The relaxing indica-dominant effects promote stress relief while calming the body without completely sedating the mind. Zkittlez offers up to 23% THC to fuel its mellow buzz.

Bitchslap - Potent and Fast-Acting with Pungent Gas Notes

Bitchslap comes from breeders StrayFox Gardenz - the aptly aggressive name reflects this strain's ability to smack you with a heavy dose of THC at upwards of 29%. The pungent aroma combines sour citrus and diesel for a distinct funky gas profile.

The sativa-leaning effects blast off immediately, slamming you with a potent motivating cerebral high perfect for powering through a busy day. Bitchslap crosses Face Off OG with Secret Weapon resulting in a high-performance hybrid with serious THC potency.

The Best of Both Worlds - Balanced Effects and Complex Terpenes

While each parent strain packs a serious cannabinoid punch on its own, the properly-executed cross created something even more impressive in Super Zoldier Serum.

Growers benefit from hybrid vigor resulting in robust plants that thrive indoors or out. The deliciously fruity terpenes from Zkittlez complement the dank funk of Bitchslap for a complex nose offering the best of both worlds.

By breeding these two complementary potency powerhouses, Dark Horse has created their latest champion strain in Super Zoldier Serum. Now let's explore more about what this elite genetic has to offer in terms of aroma, effects, and overall performance.

A Closer Look at Super Zoldier Serum Cannabis

Aroma and Flavor Profile

From the first whiff out of the bag, Super Zoldier Serum cannabis stuns with an intricate terpene profile mixing sweet and funky for a mouthwatering medley.

The predominately fruity front end bursts with sweet grape, berries, and tropical fruits. As you continue inhaling, the earthier backend unveils itself in the form of pine, pepper, and herbs.

Post- combustion, the expansive smoke carries the best of the aroma - expect tropical sweets followed by a gassy diesel funk. The long-lasting aftertaste highlights the juicy fruit essence of Zkittlez.

Effects and Potency

With expert breeding optimizing the finest traits of both parents, Super Zoldier Serum winds up significantly more potent than either Zkittlez or Bitchslap alone. You can expect exquisitely caked buds boasting THC levels from 20-28%.

The initial racey sativa head high hits hard and fast, ideal for erasing symptoms of stress, depression, and pain. This uplifting mental stimulation boosts energy, focus, and creativity.

After an hour or so, the high settles into a relaxing indica body buzz that alleviates aches and pains while lulling you into a calm, content state of bliss. The well-rounded effects make Super Zoldier Serum suitable for enjoyment any time of day.

Appearance and Bag Appeal

These buds look as good as they smell! Super Zoldier Serum presents a visually striking appearance with dense minty-green nugs glistening with a thick frosting of golden resin glands. Rusty pistol hairs weave throughout the trichome-encrusted flowers.

Gorgeous purple hues emerge later in flowering, adding vibrant pops of color to the already photogenic frosty buds. The eye-catching bag appeal of Super Zoldier Serum lives up to the elite reputation of Dark Horse Genetics.

Grower Experience Level - Ideal for Beginners

While the lineage and reported effects make Super Zoldier Serum cannabis an advanced selection, growing these robust seeds is surprisingly beginner-friendly.

Both indica and sativa enthusiasts will appreciate the evenly balanced hybrid vigor. These hardy marijuana plants exhibit impressive resistance to mold, mildew, pests, and other common cannabis grow room pitfalls.

Aside from ample lighting, Super Zoldier Serum doesn't require any special treatment to thrive. The medium height and side branching structure lends well to training techniques for optimizing yields.

Overall, first-time and experienced growers alike will find Super Zoldier Serum an easy yet exciting strain to cultivate. Next let's get into more details on how to maximize your harvest.

Growing Super Zoldier Serum Cannabis Seeds

Optimal Grow Setup

Super Zoldier Serum adapts readily to most indoor or outdoor garden environments. For the highest yields, focus on providing bright light from seedling through harvest.

Indoors, a Hydroponics setup allows you to precisely control the root zone environment. Super Zoldier Serum excels in both soil and hydro mediums.

For lighting, a 600W HPS or LED equivalent providing 25-30W per sq. ft works well. Maintain slightly lower humidity around 40% from seedling to harvest.

Outdoors, Super Zoldier Serum thrives in warm, sunny Mediterranean climates with daytime temps of 70-80°F. Plants finish flowering around mid-October in the northern hemisphere.

Expected Yields

With the right TLC, Super Zoldier Serum generously rewards growers for their efforts. Indoors, expect around 500-600g per square meter. Outdoors, plants produce up to 180g each in ideal conditions.

For the highest yields, use topping and low-stress training techniques to maximize bud sites. The side branching structure lends well to growing Sea of Green style with 4-5 plants per sq. ft.

Growing Tips

  • Start nutrients at 1/2 strength after the first true leaves appear to avoid nutrient burn. Gradually increase to full strength during flowering.
  • Maintain stable VPD levels with consistent temp/humidity combos around 70°F and 50% RH during veg and a slightly lower RH of 40-45% in flowering.
  • Introduce bloom boosters like PK 13/14 a few weeks into flowering to pack on weight.
  • Flush plants for 7-10 days pre-harvest to reduce unwanted compounds and enhance terpenes.
  • Slow dry over 14+ days then cure in jars for 3-4 weeks to fully express the complex aroma.

With a few easy tips, even novice growers can achieve impressive yields from these elite Super Zoldier Serum seeds. Next let's go over some frequently asked questions.

Top Super Zoldier Serum Cannabis Questions Answered

Where can I buy Super Zoldier Serum seeds?

Since this exclusive strain was just released, Super Zoldier Serum seeds are still somewhat hard to find. Your best bet is to grab them directly from the source at Dark Horse Genetics or authorized seedbanks like Pacific Seed Bank, Neptune Seed Bank, and Puresativa.

What kind of high does Super Zoldier Serum produce?

The upbeat sativa head high hits fast and hard, ideal for obliterating stress and pain. After an hour or so, the body effects take over for deep relaxation that relieves aches while calming both mind and body.

How much yield can I expect from Super Zoldier Serum?

When grown properly, yields average 500-600g/m2 indoors. Outside, plants can easily produce up to 180g each in warm sunny climates. Take advantage of the natural side branching and hybrid vigor by training for multiple bud sites.

How long does Super Zoldier Serum take to flower?

Indoors, allow around 63-70 days from sprout to harvest. Outdoor flowering time finishes around mid-October in the northern hemisphere.

Does Super Zoldier Serum grow well outdoors?

Yes! The mold and mildew resistance allows Super Zoldier Serum to thrive in outdoor gardens. Growers in Mediterranean climates will achieve the highest yields from these robust regular seeds.

Final Thoughts on This Potent Cannabis Strain

Super Zoldier Serum has already cemented its status as an elite genetic and a new champion strain from Dark Horse Genetics. The flawlessly-executed cross of Zkittlez and Bitchslap resulted in a perfect balance of aromas, effects, and plant performance.

Both recreational and medicinal consumers will benefit from the unmatched potency exceeding 20% THC on average. The long-lasting euphoric buzz balances relaxing indica effects with a motivating sativa kick.

Aside from being a pleasure to smoke, Super Zoldier Serum offers generous yields that make adding these seeds to your garden a smart investment. With a beginner-friendly growth pattern and resistance to common crop-destroying culprits, cultivation is a breeze.

The vibrant colors and crystalline resin coats will have your buds looking like they came straight from an Amsterdam coffeeshop display. It's no wonder Super Zoldier Serum sold out almost instantly at top seedbanks - don't miss your chance to grow this champion cannabis strain!

Summary of Key Points:

  • Super Zoldier Serum comes from top breeders Dark Horse Genetics - an expertly executed cross of Zkittlez x Bitchslap.
  • With up to 28% THC, the effects hit hard and fast with a euphoric stimulating cerebral buzz.
  • A complex terpene profile offers sweet fruity aromas complemented by herbal pine and pepper.
  • These robust plants thrive indoors and out with mold and pest resistance - suitable for novice growers.
  • Take advantage of the natural side branching by training for max yields up to 600g/m2 inside.
  • From the gorgeous colors to the caked resin glands, Super Zoldier Serum boasts elite bag appeal.
  • The balanced effects, heavy yields, and stunning trichome-covered buds make this a must-grow cannabis strain for 2023.

What is Super Zoldier Serum?

Super Zoldier Serum is a cannabis strain developed by Dark Horse Genetics.

Can you give a strain review for Super Zoldier Serum?

Super Zoldier Serum is a mouthwatering hybrid strain that showcases the breeding skills of the Dark Horse Genetics team. It is a cross of Zkittlez x Thanoz, resulting in a truly unique and potent strain.

Where can I buy Super Zoldier Serum?

You can buy Super Zoldier Serum from various cannabis seedbanks. It is recommended to check online retailers for availability.

Are Super Zoldier Serum seeds regular or feminized?

Super Zoldier Serum seeds are regular seeds, meaning they have both male and female genetics.

What makes Dark Horse Genetics a reputable company?

Dark Horse Genetics is known for its consistently innovative approach to breeding cannabis strains. They have become renowned in the industry for creating world-class genetics.

Is Super Zoldier Serum a heavy-yielding strain?

Super Zoldier Serum has a reputation for producing high yields, making it a desirable strain for growers.

What is the genetics of Super Zoldier Serum?

Super Zoldier Serum is a hybrid strain, with its genetics consisting of Zkittlez and Thanoz.

Has Super Zoldier Serum won any awards?

While there is no specific mention of awards won by Super Zoldier Serum, High Times Magazine did crown Bruce Banner (also developed by Dark Horse Genetics) as the 'strongest strain on earth', showcasing the quality of genetics produced by the company.

How popular is Super Zoldier Serum?

Super Zoldier Serum has gained popularity in the cannabis community, with its unique genetics and potent effects making it a sought-after strain.

What is the THC content of Super Zoldier Serum?

The exact THC content of Super Zoldier Serum may vary depending on the specific phenotype, but it is known for its high potency.