About us

Azarius is the premier source for information about natural psychoactive substances. We have been devoted to providing people worldwide with the best smartshop products since 1996.

The first online encyclopedia on psychedelics was launched. It featured detailed information about magic mushrooms, cannabis and LSA seeds. Everybody who wishes to try these products should be able to find reliable and safe sources to order them and all the information.

We have evolved and grown over the years and are proud to be the most trusted website for information and content about psychedelics. We have become an informational website that aims to educate people about natural substances, and their effects.

We recognize the importance of accurate and current information regarding the history, use, botanical, chemical, and chemical aspects psychoactive substances, plants, and fungi.

Our commitment to providing quality information will not change as we grow. Our main goal is to educate and inform our readers about natural substances. This includes responsible experimentation. Our goal is to provide reliable information both for newbies and veterans.

Although we no longer sell products, our passion to educate people about natural substances has not diminished. For informed decisions regarding one's health or well-being, it is crucial to have reliable information. We are proud to be part of the Natural Substances Community.

Azarius recognizes the difficulties creators and writers face when creating original content. We are familiar with the concept of writer's blocks and understand how important it is to break through them.
We are thrilled to continue our journey as an information source and community for anyone interested in natural substances. Let's go on an exciting adventure together and discover the amazing world of natural psychoactive compounds!