How to Water Cure Cannabis Buds

Discover how to water cure cannabis buds with our comprehensive guide, covering soaking preparation, bud treatment, and drying for a smoother smoke experience.

How to Water Cure Cannabis Buds

If you're after info on how to water cure cannabis buds, then this is the spot. Water curing is a unique and effective method for removing unwanted substances from your harvested weed, resulting in smoother smoke and cleaner taste.

In this comprehensive guide on how to water cure cannabis buds, we will delve into the process step by step. You'll discover everything from preparing the soaking water using reverse osmosis or clean tap water, properly submerging your marijuana buds for optimal results, drying them with care after their refreshing bath, and finally storing them safely for future use.

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What is Water Curing?

Water curing is a process used to improve the flavor, smell and potency of cannabis buds. By immersing the buds in water for a few days, impurities are removed while allowing them to take on some of the moisture, thus improving their flavor and potency. This helps remove unwanted flavors and smells from the buds, as well as enhance their overall quality. The result is a smoother smoke with more intense effects than what you would get from uncured buds.

The process starts by preparing an appropriate soaking solution. For optimal results, combine clean water (preferably filtered or distilled) with sea salt and/or Epsom salts (optional) as well as lemon juice or vinegar (also optional), in the desired proportions. The exact proportions are up to you; however, it’s important not to use too much salt or acidity as this can damage your plants’ delicate trichomes during soaking.

Cover your container with plastic wrap or something similar to keep air out while still allowing plenty of ventilation, as oxygen deprivation can be detrimental and kill off the beneficial bacteria that could otherwise enhance taste and smell. Then, let the buds soak for 3-7 days depending on how long you want them cured; remember, longer is better when it comes to potency and flavor.

Once completed, store in an airtight container for future use and enjoy. Happy smoking.

Soaking buds in water can be a great way to amplify the strength of cannabis. By preparing the soaking water correctly, you can maximize its effects on your flowers for an even more powerful experience.

Preparing the Soaking Water

When it comes to prepping the water for curing cannabis buds, certain considerations should be taken into account. When selecting water for the curing process, distilled or reverse osmosis filtered is preferable if available. Tap or spring water will work just fine, but if possible, using distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water can be beneficial as it won’t contain any minerals that could interfere with the curing process.

You may also opt to include a few additives in your soaking solution, such as hydrogen peroxide and/or baking soda, but be mindful of the amount used since too much can damage trichomes. Hydrogen peroxide helps remove excess chlorophyll from your buds while baking soda helps reduce odors associated with freshly harvested cannabis flowers. Both should be used sparingly however; too much can damage delicate trichomes on the surface of your buds so err on the side of caution when adding either one.

It’s also important not to over-soak your buds as this can lead to mold growth and other issues down the line. You want just enough liquid so that all parts of each bud are submerged without having too much extra liquid around them; think “dip rather than dunk” here. As a general rule, aim for about 15 minutes per ounce (28 grams) of flower material being soaked at any given time – more if you have particularly dense nugs, less if they’re airy and light in weight.

Finally, once you've finished soaking your buds make sure they're dried thoroughly before storage or consumption - ideally somewhere warm and dry where air circulation is good but not direct sunlight. This will help ensure that no moisture remains which could cause spoilage during long-term storage later on down the road.

Once the soaking water is ready, it's time to proceed with Soaking the Buds; this process requires special care and will be discussed in more detail. This process requires careful attention and will be discussed in further detail below.

Soaking the Buds

Soaking buds in water is a process that can help increase the potency of cannabis. It’s also known as “water curing,” and it involves soaking buds in dechlorinated or distilled water for an extended period of time. The aim is to take out any contaminants from the buds, thereby resulting in a more powerful product with improved flavor and fragrance.

When preparing the soaking water, be sure to use dechlorinated or distilled water only. Tap water contains chlorine which can have a negative effect on the taste and smell of your bud when soaked for too long. For best results, let the tap water sit out overnight before using it so that most of the chlorine has dissipated into air by morning.

Once you have prepared your soaking solution, submerge your buds completely and leave them submerged for 24-48 hours depending on how much THC content you want to achieve at harvest time. Be sure to check on them periodically during this period as some strains may require less soak time than others due to their higher resin content levels. Additionally, if you notice any discoloration or mold growth during this period be sure to discard those particular buds immediately as they will not produce quality smoke after drying and curing are complete.

Once all buds have been removed from their bath, lay them out onto paper towels allowing enough space between each one so that air can circulate freely around them while they dry naturally over several days until no longer damp but still pliable when touched lightly with fingertips. Then transfer directly into jars or containers ready for storage until further processing is needed prior to consumption.

Soaking the buds is an important step in ensuring that your cannabis buds are optimally cured. To complete the process, it's now time to move on to drying them out properly.

Drying the Buds

After the water bath, it's time to let your buds air out and ready them for use. The drying process is important because if the buds are not dried properly they can be too wet or even moldy.

For best results, cannabis buds should be dried in an environment with temperatures between 70-80°F (21-27°C) and relative humidity below 60%. Humidity levels should also be monitored during this process, as anything above 60% relative humidity can cause mold growth on the bud. It's best to keep a dehumidifier nearby while drying your buds so that you can maintain an ideal environment. For optimal drying, make certain that the space has ample air flow to prevent moisture from accumulating around the buds.

It usually requires about two days for most cannabis varieties to fully dry out after being submerged in liquid. However, depending on how moist or dry your particular strain was prior to soaking, this could take anywhere from one day up to five days total until they reach their desired level of dryness. A good way to tell when they are done is by checking if the stem snaps easily instead of bending when pressure is applied with your fingers – if it does snap then you know that your buds are ready.

To speed up the process and get better results overall try using a fan set at low speed directed towards but not directly touching the buds; this will help circulate air around them and evaporate any remaining moisture more quickly than relying solely on natural airflow alone. You may also want to invest in some desiccant packs which absorb excess moisture from within containers like jars – these come highly recommended as well since they’ll help keep things extra safe during storage too.

FAQs in Relation to How to Water Cure Cannabis Buds

How do you water cure your buds?

To water cure your buds, start by trimming them as close to the stem as possible. Place trimmed buds on paper towels or mesh screens and let dry for 24-48 hours until they are slightly crispy but not brittle. Submerge the trimmed buds in a container of purified or distilled water at room temperature for 1-2 days, stirring intermittently to ensure all sides are exposed evenly. Remove from water after desired taste has been achieved and spread out onto fresh paper towels or mesh screens to air dry completely before storing in an airtight container away from light sources.

How long does it take to water cure cannabis?

Water curing cannabis is a process that can take up to two weeks. The goal of water curing is to remove excess moisture from the buds, which helps improve their taste and smell. To begin, place your freshly harvested buds in an airtight container with enough distilled or purified water to cover them completely. Let the buds stay submerged for up to one and a half days, stirring intermittently. After soaking, drain off the liquid and replace it with fresh distilled or purified water before allowing the bud's to sit for another 24-48 hours while stirring occasionally throughout this period as well. Finally after 48-72 total hours of soaking time you should be able to see a noticeable difference in terms of color and smell indicating that they are ready for drying.


In conclusion, water curing cannabis buds is a great way to remove chlorophyll and other impurities from harvested cannabis. By properly soaking the buds in water for several days before drying them, users can enjoy milder and smoother smoke with less harshness and better flavor. Although it takes some effort to prepare the soaking water and dry the buds after they have been soaked, those who take their time will be rewarded with higher quality product that provides an enhanced smoking experience. Water cure cannabis buds today for an enjoyable tomorrow.