How to Make Kanna Tea at Home

Learn how to make Kanna tea at home and enjoy the herbal benefits of this traditional plant in a warm cup.

How to Make Kanna Tea at Home

Delving into the world of herbal remedies, we'll be focusing on how to make Kanna tea. For centuries, the kanna plant has been consumed to experience its tranquilizing and uplifting properties in the form of a drink - Kanna tea.

The process of making kanna tea is relatively straightforward but requires careful attention to detail in order to maximize the active ingredients. In this guide, you'll learn about gathering supplies, preparing your standard kanna properly, boiling water accurately and steeping your Kanna with precision.

We will also discuss how adding a dash of lemon juice or an additional sweetener like honey can enhance not only the flavor but also help in extracting more active compounds from the herb. Finally, we will walk you through straining your brew effectively using coffee filter paper and enjoying a nice hot cup of kanna tea.

Table of Contents:

Gather Your Supplies

Before starting the Kanna tea process, let's make sure we have all the necessary materials. You'll need some Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum), a herbal remedy which you can get from reputable online stores like Azarius. This succulent plant is renowned for its capacity to lift one's spirits.

You'll also need water and a pot to boil it in. If you have a kettle with temperature control, even better. It'll help you heat the water precisely and extract Kanna's active compounds more efficiently.

Other Supplies You'll Need:

  • A teapot or large mug: To steep and serve your Kanna tea.
  • A strainer: To filter out solid particles before drinking.
  • Sweeteners (optional): Honey, sugar, stevia, or other sweeteners if desired.

It is essential to have an accurate scale for precisely measuring Kanna, as the appropriate dosage should be determined by gradually increasing amounts based on individual tolerance. Accurate measurements are crucial when consuming substances like Kanna. Starting with small doses and gradually increasing based on tolerance levels is key to responsible use.


Using psychoactive substances responsibly is paramount. Always start small and gradually increase your dose based on tolerance levels.

Preparing Kanna for Tea

Preparing Kanna for tea is a simple process that starts with grinding the dried plant material into a fine powder. The finer the powder, the better it will infuse into your water, but don't go overboard as it might make straining difficult later on.

For making tea, it's recommended to use fermented Kanna since this form has undergone an oxidation process that enhances its psychoactive properties. You'll need about 1-2 grams of ground Kanna per cup of tea, depending on your tolerance level and desired effect.

If you've purchased pre-ground Kanna from reputable sources like Azarius, then all you have left to do is measure out the appropriate amount for your brew.

Using Homegrown Kanna

If you're growing your own Kanna plants at home, remember to use only mature leaves for making tea. Young leaves tend not to contain enough active compounds yet. Traditionally in South Africa, where this plant originates from, they would ferment their harvested leaves by burying them underground wrapped in bags made from animal skin. Nowadays, simpler methods are used involving heat and moisture, which achieves similar results without needing any special equipment or materials.

Start with Smaller Doses

Everyone reacts differently to substances like Kanna, so start with smaller doses if you're new to consuming it. Also, note that Kanna comes in different forms, such as fermented (active) and unfermented (inactive).

Boil Water

Let's get this Kanna tea party started. To begin, we need to heat up some water for the Kanna tea. But don't just throw any old water in there - the temperature and quality matter.

  • For each cuppa, you'll require 8 ounces of cold water. Don't use warm or hot tap water, as it contains more dissolved air and can make your tea taste funky.
  • Now, how to heat that water? You can use a kettle or pot on the stove, or an electric kettle with temperature control settings. If using an electric kettle, set it to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius) - that's boiling point at sea level.
  • If using a stovetop method without any temperature controls, bring your water just up to boiling but not rolling boil. Rolling boil is when large bubbles are breaking on the surface continuously. Then turn off the heat immediately. This ensures that your boiled water has reached approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celsius), which is perfect for steeping most herbal teas, including Kanna.

Remember, safety first. Boiling-hot liquids can be dangerous, so handle with care to avoid burns or spills.

How to Steep Kanna for a Delicious and Potent Tea

Boiling water, Kanna, and patience - that's all you need to make a flavorful and potent tea.

Step 1: Prepare Your Kanna

Before you start steeping, make sure you have high-quality Kanna leaves or powder. You can find them at Azarius, a trusted source for natural products.

Step 2: Add Kanna to Boiling Water

Add 1-2 teaspoons of Kanna to a teapot or directly into your cup. Pour over enough boiling water to cover all of the plant material - usually around one cup should suffice.

Step 3: Let It Steep

Patience is key here. Allow the Kanna leaves to steep in hot water for at least 15 minutes. This will give ample time for all those beneficial properties from your Kanna leaves to be extracted by the hot water.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Tea

Once your tea is ready, strain out the Kanna leaves or powder and enjoy your delicious and potent brew. Don't worry if you see little particles floating around - that's normal and part of what gives herbal teas their unique flavors and health benefits.

Remember, don't rush this step or skimp on steeping time. Doing so could result in a weaker tea that won't provide as many benefits or taste as deliciously rich. So sit back, relax, and let your Kanna steep to perfection.

Add Sweetener

Now that your Kanna tea has steeped to perfection, it's time to add a touch of sweetness. While the earthy taste of Kanna tea is enjoyable on its own, adding a sweetener can enhance the flavor and make it even more delicious.

There are several options for sweetening your Kanna tea. Traditional choices like honey or sugar are always reliable, but don't be afraid to try something new. Agave nectar is a great alternative with a mild flavor that won't overpower the unique taste of your Kanna tea.

For a healthier option, why not try natural sweeteners like stevia or monk fruit extract? For those seeking to preserve a healthy way of life while enjoying recreational activities, consider zero-calorie sweeteners such as stevia or monk fruit extract.

To add your chosen sweetener, simply stir in small amounts until you reach your desired level of sweetness. Remember, you can always add more later on, so start conservatively.

If you're feeling adventurous, try adding some lemon slices or fresh mint leaves to your Kanna tea. Not only will they make your drink visually appealing, but they'll also add refreshing layers of flavor.

Straining Your Kanna Tea: A Calming Ritual

Once your Kanna tea has steeped for the appropriate amount of time, it's time to strain out any leftover plant material. This step is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable beverage.

A fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth is all you need to strain your tea. Simply place it over another cup or pot and pour the tea through it slowly. Think about investing in a tea strainer specifically created for loose-leaf teas if you want to take your Kanna tea making to the next level.

Patience is key here - rushing could lead to spills or burns. Take your time and enjoy this calming ritualistic aspect of making Kanna tea.

Remember that small bits may get through, but they won't affect the flavor too much. If preferred, pour the tea through a finer sieve or let it settle before carefully decanting into another vessel.

Enjoy Kanna Tea

Take a moment to treat yourself to the delightful taste of Kanna tea. To fully appreciate this experience, create a calming environment and take the time to savor each sip.

Enhance the Flavor

Pair your Kanna tea with light snacks like nuts or dried fruits to complement its earthy tones. Test out sweeteners like honey or agave nectar to uncover the ideal taste for your palate.

Embrace the Calming Effects

Kanna is known for its calming properties, so take advantage of this by setting aside some quiet time for yourself. Whether you prefer reading, meditating, or simply daydreaming, let your mind unwind and enjoy the moment.

Connect with Nature

For an even more immersive experience, enjoy your Kanna tea outdoors. Breathe in the fresh air and connect with nature to heighten your senses and improve your overall mood and wellbeing.

Start Small

If it's your first time trying Kanna tea, start with a small dosage of around 50-100mg and gradually increase based on your tolerance. Remember, patience is key when trying any new substance.


How to Make Kanna Tea: Looking for a new way to enjoy kanna? Try making tea! With our easy-to-follow guide, you'll be sipping on a delicious and relaxing beverage in no time. Gather your supplies, prepare your kanna, steep it in boiling water, add sweetener if desired, strain, and enjoy! Whether you're a seasoned kanna user or a newbie, kanna tea generally speaking is a great way to experience its effects. Need more info? Check out our sources for credible information.