The Best Sativa Cannabis Strains to Try in Amsterdam

Discover The Best Sativa Cannabis Strains to Try in Amsterdam, including top picks like Amnesia Haze and Super Silver Haze, plus popular coffeeshops for a unique experience.

The Best Sativa Cannabis Strains to Try in Amsterdam

When it comes to experiencing the best Sativa cannabis strains, Amsterdam is undoubtedly the place to be. This vibrant city boasts a rich history and culture surrounding cannabis use, making it an ideal destination for enthusiasts seeking unique and potent sativa dominant varieties.

In this blog post, we will delve into the best Sativa strains that you should definitely try while visiting Amsterdam. We'll also provide insights on some of the most popular coffeeshops where you can find these remarkable strains.

Moreover, we'll provide some advice to those visiting Amsterdam in order to maximize their experience of the city. So sit back and get ready to discover The Best Sativa Cannabis Strains to Try in Amsterdam!

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Overview of Amsterdam's Cannabis Culture

As a major cannabis hub, Amsterdam draws people from far and wide to sample its diverse selection of sativa strains sourced from equatorial regions like Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central America. The city's coffee shops are famous for offering an extensive range of cannabis products, with sativa strains being particularly popular among visitors seeking uplifting and energizing effects.

Sativa strains originate from regions near the equator such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central America. Sativas typically grow taller than indicas and have longer flowering cycles. Sativas are known for producing cerebral highs that can enhance creativity, focus, and mood - making them ideal choices for daytime use or social settings.

  • Aroma: Sativa strains often boast distinct aromas ranging from fruity to earthy scents.
  • Taste: Flavors can vary greatly between different sativas but generally include sweet or spicy notes.
  • Potency: THC levels in sativa strains can be quite high; however, they also contain significant amounts of CBD which helps balance out psychoactive effects.

In addition to exploring Amsterdam's iconic canal-lined streets and historic architecture during your visit, taking time to delve into its thriving cannabis scene will undoubtedly enrich your overall experience. With countless options available at local coffee shops like Amnesia Coffee Shop, Green House Coffeeshop, and Grey Area, you'll have ample opportunities to sample some of the finest sativa strains in the world, including the popular Sour Diesel strain.

Amsterdam's cannabis culture is a vibrant and unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Exploring the perspectives of diverse cultures surrounding cannabis, Amsterdam offers a range of exceptional strains to sample. With that being said, let us now explore which are considered to be the best sativa strains you should try when visiting Amsterdam.

Top Sativa Strains

Amsterdam offers a diverse selection of sativa cannabis strains, each with its unique characteristics and effects. To help you navigate the world of sativas in this city, we've compiled a list of the best sativa cannabis strains available in Amsterdam's coffee shops:

  1. Amnesia Haze: A classic strain known for its uplifting and creative effects. Its high THC content makes it popular among experienced users.
  2. Super Silver Haze: This award-winning strain boasts an energizing effect that promotes focus and creativity.
  3. Green House Thai: An exotic landrace strain from Thailand offering a cerebral high accompanied by sweet, fruity flavors.
  4. Jamaican Lambsbread: A legendary pure sativa with roots in Jamaica, this strain is famous for its uplifting effects and earthy taste.
  5. Durban Poison: Originating from South Africa, Durban Poison is renowned for its sweet aroma and energetic buzz.
  6. Sour Diesel: An all-time favorite among cannabis enthusiasts due to its pungent diesel-like aroma and invigorating cerebral high.

Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the world of cannabis strains, these sativa dominant strains are sure to provide a unique and enjoyable experience. So head to one of Amsterdam's famous coffeeshops and try one of these top-rated strains today.

The best Sativa strains offer a wide variety of options for recreational users, allowing them to explore the various effects these different varieties can provide. Next, let's delve into the potential perks of Amnesia Haze.

Amnesia Haze: A Popular Sativa Strain

If you're looking for an uplifting and creative high, Amnesia Haze is a must-try sativa strain during your visit to Amsterdam. This award-winning cannabis strain has gained popularity worldwide due to its potent effects and unique characteristics.

The genetic lineage of Amnesia Haze can be traced back to South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, resulting in a complex mix of flavors and aromas. With THC content typically ranging between 20% - 25%, this sativa dominant hybrid packs quite the punch.

  • Aroma: Amnesia Haze boasts a delightful blend of earthy, citrus, and sweet notes that will entice your senses from the moment you open the bag.
  • Taste: The flavor profile features hints of lemon, spices, and even some tropical fruit undertones - making it an enjoyable experience for both novice users and seasoned connoisseurs alike.
  • Effects: As one would expect from such a powerful sativa strain, Amnesia Haze delivers an energizing cerebral high that promotes creativity while also providing feelings of euphoria. Its uplifting nature makes it perfect for daytime use or social gatherings where lively conversation is desired.

You can find this remarkable cannabis strain at several renowned Amsterdam coffeeshops like Green House Coffeeshop, Coffeeshop Amsterdam, and Barney's Coffeeshop. Make sure to give Amnesia Haze a try during your visit to experience one of the best sativa strains Amsterdam has to offer.

Amnesia Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that offers an intense and uplifting high, making it the perfect choice for Amsterdam's vibrant nightlife. Moving on to Super Silver Haze, this classic strain has been around since 1997 and is known for its powerful cerebral effects.

Super Silver Haze

If you're looking for a classic sativa strain with an impressive pedigree, look no further than Super Silver Haze. This award-winning strain has gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts due to its unique characteristics and potent effects. Discover why Super Silver Haze is regarded as one of the top sativas to sample in Amsterdam by delving into its features.

Genetics and THC Content

Bred by Green House Seeds, Super Silver Haze is a cross between three legendary strains: Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5, and Haze. This combination results in a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid with a THC content ranging from 18% to 23%, making it ideal for those seeking an intense cerebral experience.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

The aroma of Super Silver Haze is characterized by its earthy undertones mixed with sweet citrus notes. When smoked or vaporized, users can expect flavors reminiscent of zesty lemon complemented by subtle hints of pine - truly refreshing.

Effects on Users

  • Energizing: As expected from a top-notch sativa strain, Super Silver Haze provides users with an uplifting burst of energy that helps combat fatigue.
  • Creativity Boost: Many users report increased creativity when using this strain - perfect for artists or anyone looking to tap into their imaginative side.
  • Mood Enhancement: The euphoric high induced by Super Silver Haze often leads to feelings of happiness and an overall improvement in mood.

With its unique characteristics and powerful effects, it's no wonder Super Silver Haze is a must-try sativa strain for anyone visiting Amsterdam. Be sure to stop by one of the city's renowned coffee shops to experience this classic strain for yourself.

Super Silver Haze is a great Sativa strain to try if you're looking for an energizing and uplifting experience. Next, we'll take a look at Green House Thai, another popular Amsterdam-based Sativa cannabis strain.

Green House Thai

If you're looking for an energizing sativa strain with a unique flavor profile, Green House Thai is definitely worth trying during your visit to Amsterdam. This exotic strain originates from the mountains of Thailand and boasts a rich history in cannabis culture. Green House Thai offers users an uplifting experience that's perfect for daytime use or social gatherings.

Genetics and THC Content

This pure sativa has been carefully cultivated by Greenhouse Seed Company, ensuring its authentic genetic lineage remains intact. With a moderate THC content ranging between 12-16%, Green House Thai provides a balanced high without overwhelming effects.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

  • Aroma: The aroma of Green House Thai is characterized by its earthy, spicy scent with hints of citrus undertones.
  • Taste: Its flavor mirrors the aroma, delivering an enjoyable mix of earthiness, spiciness, and sweet citrus notes on the palate.

Energizing Effects and Benefits

The effects of Green House Thai are predominantly cerebral - expect feelings of euphoria, creativity, focus, and motivation after consuming this potent sativa. Additionally, it may provide relief from stress or fatigue due to its invigorating nature.

Coffee Shops Offering Green House Thai in Amsterdam

To sample this exquisite strain while exploring Amsterdam's vibrant cannabis scene, consider visiting coffee shops such as The Greenhouse Centrum Coffeeshop, which is known for its wide selection of top-quality cannabis products and welcoming atmosphere.

Green House Thai is an Amsterdam-based coffee shop that offers some of the best Sativa cannabis strains available in the city. Given its well-known quality and appeal, it's no surprise Green House Thai is a favorite for cannabis enthusiasts in Amsterdam. Next up, let's explore some other popular coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Popular Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam boasts a variety of acclaimed coffee shops, featuring some of the finest sativa varieties. Each establishment offers a unique atmosphere and an impressive selection of high-quality cannabis products. Here are a few popular coffee shops worth visiting during your trip:

  • Green House Coffeeshop: Known for its award-winning strains, Green House boasts a cozy ambiance and friendly staff. You'll likely find Amnesia Haze and Super Silver Haze on their menu.
  • Barney's Coffeeshop: With multiple locations throughout the city, Barney's is famous for its top-notch cannabis offerings. They often carry sought-after sativas like Green House Thai.
  • Grey Area: This small but iconic coffeeshop has been serving locals and tourists alike since 1994. Their diverse strain selection includes several potent sativas that will pique your interest.
  • Dampkring Coffeeshop: Featured in Hollywood films, Dampkring is known for its artistic interior design and exceptional weed varieties. Be sure to check out their extensive menu of premium sativa strains.
  • Boerejongens Coffeeshop: With a reputation for quality and professionalism, Boerejongens offers an upscale cannabis experience. Their knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect sativa strain to suit your preferences.

Whether you're a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or just looking to try something new, Amsterdam's coffee shops offer a wide variety of sativa strains to suit your needs. Happy exploring.

Visiting the coffee shops in Amsterdam is an experience that no cannabis enthusiast should miss. As such, it's important to understand what tips you need to keep in mind when visiting these establishments before moving on to exploring the best Sativa Cannabis strains available there.

Tips for Visitors to Amsterdam

When visiting Amsterdam, it's essential to be well-informed about the local cannabis culture and regulations. Here are some useful tips to help you make the most of your experience in this vibrant city:

  1. Know the rules: Although cannabis is tolerated in Amsterdam, there are still laws governing its use.
  2. Purchase from reputable coffee shops: Ensure that you buy your sativa strains from established coffee shops known for their quality products.
  3. Understand potency levels: Different strains have varying THC content, which can significantly impact your experience. Ask the staff at the coffee shop for advice or refer to online guides like our list of top sativas.
  4. Select based on personal preferences: Consider factors such as taste, aroma, and desired effects when choosing a strain. Our curated list of best sativa cannabis strains provides insights into each option's unique characteristics.
  5. Mindful consumption: Start with small amounts and gradually increase if needed; remember that it may take time for effects to kick in fully.

Navigating through Amsterdam's cannabis scene can be an exciting adventure if done responsibly and informedly. By following these tips and trying out our recommended sativa cannabis strains, you're sure to have an enjoyable and memorable experience in the Dutch capital.

FAQs in Relation to The Best Sativa Cannabis Strains to Try in Amsterdam

What is the strongest sativa in Amsterdam?

The strongest sativa strain in Amsterdam is often considered to be Amnesia Haze, with a THC content of up to 25%. This potent strain provides an uplifting and energetic high that's perfect for daytime use.

What is the best strain in Amsterdam?

The best cannabis strain in Amsterdam varies depending on personal preferences. However, Super Silver Haze has consistently been a top choice among users due to its balanced effects and unique flavor profile.

Which strains to try in Amsterdam?

In addition to Amnesia Haze and Super Silver Haze, other must-try strains include Green House Thai, Jack Herer, White Widow, Northern Lights, AK-47, G13-Hawaiian Snow mix (GHS), Lemon Skunk and Blue Dream.

What is the highest rated sativa strain?

The highest-rated sativa strain can vary based on user reviews; however, one highly regarded option is Sour Diesel for its invigorating cerebral effects and pungent aroma.


In conclusion, Amsterdam's coffee shops provide a vast selection of top-notch sativa strains for cannabis connoisseurs and those interested in growing cannabis. From Amnesia Haze to Green House Thai, visitors have plenty of options to choose from when looking for an energizing high.