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The best gifts for your stoner friend


Stoners, they are lovable human beings. Chances are that your stoner friend is kind, into good jokes and really likes to think things through. Listening to music always is an adventure, besides they can’t stand crappy music. Sometimes their dress sense leaves something to be desired, but hey, they don’t hurt anyone with those baggy clothes perforated with tiny burn holes.

Birthdays are relative, man. All the more reason to surprise that leaf lover with a little gift once in a while. Luckily, their hobby is associated with all kinds of handy gear to make life as easy as possible.

That’s why we introduce a very chilled selection of gifts for your favourite stoner. Some highlights (ho, ho) include:

Easy Skunk (Green Label)

Let nature do its thing, man! What’s better than growing your own stash? With its trippy high the fast-growing Easy Skunk by Green Label should have your friend nodding in no time.

SharpStone 4-part grinder with clear top

No modern stoner can live without a grinder to quickly prepare a joint or vaporizer. Surprise your friend with an alternative to the generic grinder with this high-end SharpStone grinder. Effective, durable and beautiful: this grinder will probably not get lost.

Handmade hemp soap (Amsterdam Genetics)

“You know, hemp can be used for many things…besides smoking,” you’ve probably have heard this statement through a cloud of Amnesia. This fine hemp soap by Amsterdam Genetics proves your stoner friend right and all varieties smell delicious.

Linx Hermes 2

Sometimes you worry about your stoner friend. All those joints will eventually take their toll. No need to get moralistic about quitting, just introduce your favourite pothead to the joys of vaping. The Hermes 2 is easy to use and handy too.

The Honey Glass Bubbler (Easy Flow)

A true stoner probably has a bong lying around the house. Time to upgrade from that plastic rasta bong with this serious glass bubbler by Easy Flow. Even the most trained stoner will be amazed by the new sensations produced by this work of art.

Happy shopping!

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