BlogMystery solved: these 5 vaporizers will turn your hash into smooth vapour
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Mystery solved: these 5 vaporizers will turn your hash into smooth vapour


Hash has a mystical quality with a special place in cannabis culture. Even so, most vaporizers these days are geared towards plain cannabis buds or the ever-growing concentrate and oils segment. Where does this leave your good old hashish? To invite the old hash heads into the world of vaping we give a 10% discount on the top-5 hash vaporizers that will be valid throughout the month of November (you’ll find out we actually added some more.) And please watch this space because this month we will present an in-depth look at the vaping of hash with plenty of tips & tricks for some classic models.

These 5 vaporizers are the most suitable for vaping hash

1 All VapCap models

DynaVap is the brand that brought you the affordable flame-powered vaporizer like the VapCap M. One of the VapCap’s lesser-known features is its ability to vape hash. Yes, just place a little rock of hash in the tube, light and wait for that click. You will encounter new taste sensations. The classic model is a hit but don’t forget that all VapCap and OmniVap models can be used with hash. So it’s reasonable that the 10% applies to all of them.

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2 Flip Brick

Sticky Brick is a new player in the field of flame-powered vaping. Their vaporizers have a beautiful artisan feel and feature terrific design. The Flip Brick is geared toward use with water tools but also has this semi-secret feature: it handles hash without any trouble. Yes, you’re doing the math: hash + water tool = one blissful high. That’s an A+ in Advanced Stoner Arts.

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3 Vaponic Plus

Vaponic is a true original. Their Vaponic model upped the flame powered vaporizer when it still seemed like a weird idea. This affordable vaporizer is beautifully crafted without any compromise on functionality. So, it will get you high in no time. Just get yourself a good jet-flame lighter and a nice piece of crumbly hash and enjoy the trip.

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4 Storm

The Storm is a pen-shaped vaporizer that reached classic status long ago. What’s not to like? It’s handy, affordable easy to use and multifunctional. “Really multifunctional?” you ask. Yes, the Storm indeed is able to vape hash although it won’t be able to do this out of the box. All you need is the resin capsule. It is specially made for the Storm so the capsule fits perfectly. Just crumble your hash in the capsule, hit the highest temperature setting and you know the rest of the story.

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5 Solo and Solo II

The Arizer Solo is another classic which recently got a long-awaited sequel, called, yes, Solo II. The Solo’s are very versatile vaporizers which can be combined with all sorts of add-ons and water tools. Strangely, the Solo’s have no special capsule for the use of hash. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use their power with your favourite material. The trick is to insert a piece of unbleached cotton in the chamber. On this bed you place the hash. Close the vaporizer, heat and feel pretty smart. This is just the beginning, study on those coffee shop menu’s or make a trip to selected mountainous regions for some prime hash cuts. Soon we’ll delve deeper into this very important subject with the aid of a real specialist.

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Image credit: Anonume under Creative Commons license 4.0

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