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Back to the roots with our Top 5 outdoor strains


The birds start singing in the morning, the power of the sun is increasing day by day and unfortunately the buds in your weed box get fewer and fewer – it’s spring time! Time to plan your next outdoor growing session, to start the next run in your garden, on your balcony or maybe hidden in the woods. Prepare yourself now with some of our most exquisite outdoor seeds and do the best to make yourself happy with an excellent cannabis harvest by the end of summer. Looking for strains with high yields to carelessly provide yourself with good quality cannabis throughout a year? For sturdy plants to grow in moderate climate with a shorter summer than in southern areas? We chose carefully and did our best to pick this selection of our Top 5 outdoor seeds for you. And the great thing is, we know now is the time to start growing and we care for our fellow Azarians: you can get them with a discount this month!

1) Frisian Dew (Dutch Passion)

Our top-notch outdoor strain is an absolute Dutch classic. Frisian Dew is a cross between Super Skunk and Purple Star. It took Dutch Passion the effort of three years to stabilize this super-premium strain. Due to it’s mould resistance and early finish it might be the best choice for growers in Middle Europe. Expect very high yields of purple dense buds early in October.

2) Early Skunk (Sensi Seeds)

A real survivor, Early Skunk combines the high yields and vitality of Skunk#1 with the sturdiness of Early Pearl. The Early Pearl influence makes Early Skunk mature weeks before a regular Skunk#1 would, in the middle of October. Good for growing in areas with lower temperatures and higher humidity levels.

3) Blue Cheese (Barney's Farm)

Be ready to harvest incredible yields with a fantastic skunky and cheesy flavour at the end of September! Blue Cheese by Barney’s Farm grows compact with a lot of side branches - which makes it very suitable for secret balcony gardens in milder climate. The smoke of Blue Cheese is strong with high levels of THC (up to 20%) and some CBD (around 1,5%).

4) Freeze Cheese '89 (Big Buddha)

Do a little time-warp and get some 80’s superweed: Freeze Cheese ‘89 is made for the nostalgic marijuana cannaisseur. An indica dominated cross with hammering stony effects. It is the love-child of a classic Frisian indica and reversed Big Buddha Cheese. A real frostmaster, easy to grow, robust and mature in the beginning of October.

5) PPP (Nirvana)

Nomen est omen – Pure Power Plant (PPP) is your choice if you want to get a robust strain with very high yields. Actually one of the best strains for commercial indoor growers, PPP performs also very well outdoors. THC levels of around 17,5% give you a stony effect with some body buzz.

Author: Bastian

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