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Kratom - The Big Surprise in the Smartshop


You used to be able to buy ephedra, e-booster, fly agaric, explosion and mushrooms in smartshops. Through the years all these products were unfortunately forbidden. This was the beginning of a period in which smartshops sold mostly unexciting products with the exception of truffles. Is it different nowadays?

Times change

When I started working in a smartshop two years ago, a number of new products had arrived, amongst others kratom. As I had to know what I sold, my boss one day gave me a little bag filled with kratom leaves. I asked how much I should take. He said: "Between three and ten grams." I decided to take ten grams because I still assumed that you could only buy things in the smartshop which made you bit more alert. My boss did warn me that this was strong stuff, but being obstinate I just laughed at him.

The right procedure

I was also told that the active component of Kratom was soluble in fat. At home, I put ten grams in some coconut milk which I brought to boiling point. I let it draw for an hour and sifted the leaves afterwards. I made a shake with the coconut kratom milk by adding a banana and some cacao. The shake did not taste good. I now had two full glasses of kratom milk shake and proceeded to drink everything.

Lively and merry

I decided to write something after this. This lasted for ten minutes. I then was submerged by an activating blissful feeling. Concentrating became difficult and I decided to drop by work. On the way, I was really astonished by the effect. I had not expected this. The world smiled at me.

Go deeper

When I arrived at the shop I sat at a table and really felt great. Slowly the trip changed. I realised that through the shake I had eaten a lot too. For this reason, I would reach my peak later. A growing feeling of languor took hold of me.

Falling down

After an hour I decided to go home. The journey back was clearly much harder. Once at home, I could just about reach the top of the stairs. In my sleeping room, I fell on my bed. In my perception, the room was enveloped in a golden glow and the only thing I could do was lie on my bed blissfully. I sank so deep into my pillows that it felt as if there had come a distance between me and my ideas. My thoughts were uncontrollable, but I did not care. They rose, they disappeared and I was myself completely. It was heavenly! I lay motionlessly in my bed for three hours. After this period it stopped and I crawled behind my computer to work again. There was no trace of a hangover.


Afterwards I was very impressed by kratom and then finally realised that a lot of really nice and new experiences can be found in the smartshop! Of course, I recommend people to start with a maximum of five grams kratom. I had clearly taken too much, but fortunately, I can take it. ;)

Kratom at Azarius

Azarius have recently presented a new kratom line. It is of high quality and I can recommend it to everyone. Furthermore we also have kratom-extracts. This is a fine alternative if you want avoid the somewhat nasty taste. Do you do want know more about kratom? Then click here for the encyclopedia item.

Author: Sophie

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