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Home-grown psychoactive trips


Did you know that a large number of beautiful trips simply grow in your backyard, the park or the woods? You can even grown some psychoactive plants yourself. Others can only be found in nature. In this article we present six psychoactive substances from nature.

Six home-grown trips

Liberty caps

Liberty caps are very friendly mushrooms. The season has just ended, but in September, October and November you can find them. Growing them is unfortunately not possible, because they grow only on putrescent grass roots. Do you do want know more about Liberty caps? Read the encyclopaedia item.

Morning Glory

Ipomoea purpurea, also known as morning glory, is a plant which originally grows in Mexico. It also does very well in Europe. Thanks to its trumpet styled flowers the plant is beautiful to look at. The seeds of this plant contain LSA. This will make you trip. Morning glory seeds unfortunately contain certain alkaloids which can make you nauseous. Fresh seeds have a much higher LSA concentration, which means that you only have to take a single seed. A single seed hardly causes any nausea. As a result your trip will be more enjoyable. Azarius sells morning glory seeds. With these you can grow your own plant.

Fly agaric

The fly agaric- red with white dots - is perhaps the most well-known mushroom. It is famous for being very toxic, but this is incorrect. You find them under birches and sometimes under pines. Best is to only eat the coatings of the cap. One or two should be enough. The potency varies. In the Netherlands they are fairly weak. A fly agaric trip is hard to compare with a conventional mushroom trip. As it happens the fly agaric contains different psychoactive substances compared to mushrooms.


Poppy grows well in Europe. It is a type of papaver. When you plant a number of poppy seeds at the beginning of spring, you get splendid flowers in your garden. After the flowers have ceased blossoming, you can harvest a small amount of opium. However opium is addictive, but the turnover is fortunately too small to get hooked. At Azarius you can buy poppy seeds.


Wormwood also grows very well in the backyard. The flowers can be harvested and processed into a tincture. Just steep the seeds in vodka. You will get absinthe. The psychoactive substance tujon has a slightly hallucinating effect. It is said this inspired Vincent van Gogh's yellow period.


Growing a cannabis plant in your backyard used to be pretty hard. It just couldn't stand rainy summers. Many years of cultivation have made certain cannabis plants durable especially against the Dutch climate. Should you decide to grow weed for the first time you will be amazed how easy it is these days. Azarius offers a vast collection cannabis seeds which are suitable for growing in the garden for personal use.

Searching or growing psychoactive substances by yourself is a special process. It is the most pure form of tripping. Recommended for the psychonaut!

Author: Sophie

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