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Azarius goes Berlin


On Saturday August 13 we are joining the Berlin Hanfparade. Together with the Stichting Legalize! we will rave from Hauptbahnhof to Alexanderplatz, where we are expected to arrive at 17:00. The Hanfparade wants to signal in a grand way that the time has come to legalize cannabis as natural resource, medicine and recreational drug.

This year more than 10.000 people are expected to support this political message. This year’s motto is ‘Legalization is in the air’. Which will be inescapable as the green fumes should hover over the city for some time. So drop by for a handshake and (if you are on time) free goodies.

The rave takes place from 13:00 till 22:00 and throughout the city a number of afterparties can be found. Otherwise it wouldn’t be Berlin! We also host a afterparty in Club Kili.
Kulturhaus Kili
Wiesenweg 5 – 9
10365 Berlin

Bis Samstag!

Additional information:Hanfparade

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