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Vape temperature, why is it so important?


If you talk to any vaporizer fanatic, they will be able to tell you what their favourite temperature is on their vaporizer. What these people know and love is that the temperature that you vape your weed (or other herbs) is vital to the experience you will have.

What kind of high do you want?

One of the most important reasons for temperature control is that you can control the effect you will get by the temperature you use. The most commonly used temperature range for cannabis is between 180 - 210°C. Generally speaking temperatures under 190°C produce more of a cerebral high and above 190°C produce a body high.

vaporizer temperature scale

Flavour Flave

The flavour of your herbs is also affected by the temperature you use, this is one of the best reasons to vaporize. The flavour, unlike smoking, is full bodied, pure and delicious. Like a fine wine but better, similar to smelling your ziplock bag when you're at the coffee shop. If you vaporize with the temperature too high, you will burn your herbs and end up with no flavour. So start with a low temperature and gradually work your way up.

Other herbs?

Vaporizers can also be used with other herbs as well! They need different temperature settings than ol' Mary Jane, usually a lot lower from around 100°C - 175°C. Herbs such as chamomile, valerian and blue lotus are used for their calming properties.

For the full range of temperatures and more information, check out our encyclopedia page best temperatures for vaporizing herbs.

The good news is that to find the right temperature for the high and flavour that suits you, you might have to do some experimenting with different temperatures. So go do your homework and vape it up!

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