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Azarius tips for staying warm this winter


The first snow recently appeared here in Amsterdam and it's getting freakishly cold. Winter has truly arrived and we're dreading the cold outside air that seems to instantly freeze the snot in our noses.

But what can you do to stay warm? We're happy you asked! We've got a few special Azarius tips for surviving this cold winter period.

1. Azarius winter clothing

Winter clothing

We hope you already have some winter clothing available, as that sexy tank top won't prevent your nipples from turning into ice cubes. Still, more layers is advisable and it just so happens we have some of our very own hoodies and even an Azarius beanie.

These socks with cannabis leaves are surely the pièce de résistance. Won't get you high, will keep your feet warm.

2. Tea


An obvious choice, but the list wouldn't be complete without our favourite wintertime beverage. Just curling up with a steaming cup of tea warms your hands and taking a sip warms your belly.

We're big tea fans, so have a look at the tea category. For extra style points, grab the Azarius mug too.

3. Aphrodisiacs


When one adult really likes another adult, there are..certain activities..they can undertake that most assuredly keep them warm. Sometimes a little pleasure enhancement is required to really get the hot stuff going and we recommend BlueXtreme or other aphrodisiacs.

4. Smoking pipes

Smoking pipes

Something for the true gentlemen (or gentlewomen) among us. Our classy smoking pipes warm the throat and lungs and are generally small enough to bring with you wherever you go.

5. Infrared heating mat

Heating mat

If all else fails, park your derrière on this bad boy and you're bound to feel some warmth. Just so happens it's also very handy for growing plants and mushrooms in the heart of winter, what luck!

It's advised to order the thermostat in combination with the mat to allow you to set your desired temperature.


And that's our little bag of tricks for staying warm in this harsh season. What tricks do you have? Share them in the comments below!

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