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Doping tests in the pro gaming scene


First we're talking about doping in cycling, now another high level sport is being dragged into the proverbial doping mud: professional gaming (yes, it's a sport!). Obviously, quick reflexes are very important, so it shouldn't be too surprising that pro gamers use substances to enhance their concentration.

Recently, the website reported that Kory 'Semphis' Friesen, a top ranking professional Counter-Strike player, admitted to widespread use of Adderall to keep players focused. Friesen: "To all fans: this is how you become a good gamer."

What is Adderall?

In America Adderall is a medicine prescribed for the treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy. Like the well-known Ritalin, it's an amphetamine so it has a stimulating effect. It suppresses the appetite and keeps you awake. In the Netherlands it's not available, but fairly easy to obtain through the internet.

Adderall has become more and more popular in the last few years, particularly among teens using it to study. In small, prescribed dosages it's a relatively safe substance, but repeated recreational use could have severe side-effects.

Doping tests

With Kory Friesen's open confession, it was inevitable: for the first time ever, the pro gaming scene will be performing random doping tests on its players. This was a decision from the ESL, world's biggest organisation dedicated to hosting eSports tournaments.

The organisation will follow the official rules set by the World Doping Agency. If it is on the list of banned substances for sports, it's not permitted for eSports. Sanctions range from deductions from their prize money or tournament points, to outright disqualification.

Interesting detail: use of cannabis before the tournament is not a problem, the only problem is use during. Although you could wonder if it would really help your reflexes…

Alternative concentration supplements

The Azarius crew likes to play a game from time to time too. We've got a beamer set up in our cafeteria whenever the Mario Kart mood strikes (and we love games where mushrooms are a power-up). But instead of potentially damaging amphetamines, we recommend the following products to help you maintain focus:

Have a gander at the concentration category for more products that can help you study, game or write amazing smartshop news items such as this one (a niche market, but you never know...)

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