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Kratom: a powerful adventure


Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is one of the most interesting, magical and potent herbs on the Azarius website. Its popularity is growing rapidly, especially over the last few years.

Traditionally, kratom was mainly used by men in Thailand and Malaysia. They smoked it, drank it or chewed on the leaves to achieve the desired effects.

The concentration of the 25 alkaloids found in kratom varies per region. The strain that grows in Thailand is more energetic because of the higher mitragynine content, while kratom from Malaysia and Indonesia works more as a muscle relaxer.

Malaysia kratom powder

Effects of kratom

The effects of kratom can be categorized in four separated states. Kratom stimulates, increases euphoria, works as a painkiller and in higher doses also has sedating qualities.

1. Stimulation (Mild effects with small dosage of crushed or powdered leaves, 2 - 5 grams)

Most kratom users will recognize the most sought after effect of kratom; the stimulating effect. At this level the mind is more alert and physical energy is increased. This effect can be compared to drinking a large black coffee, but the stimulation remains a lot longer.

2. Euphoria (Medium effects with dosage of crushed or powdered leaves, 5 - 15 grams)

Kratom has the ability to brighten your mood. It makes physical activity easier and explorers of kratom confirm that it provides a comfortable feeling of well-being. Even the day after you’ve used it, a nice afterglow can be experienced. Listening to music becomes more intense and the gap between dream world and reality narrows. It’s important not to use too much kratom as you quickly become tolerant to the effects.

3. Sedative (Strong effects with dosage of crushed or powdered leaves, 10 - 15 grams)

Because of its muscle relaxing properties kratom can also be used as a sedative. This effect makes kratom especially interesting for medicinal use. Much more research has to be done to conclude which alkaloids cause this beneficial effect. Sadly, due to the illegal status of kratom in its countries of origin, this opportunity has yet to come.

4. Sedating (Very strong effects with high dosage of crushed or powdered leaves, 15 - 25 grams)

The sedating effects of kratom are only apparent when a large dosage is consumed. A warm glow, slightly changing colours and an altered state of being will be noticeable. It feels like time passes you by quickly. In high dosages kratom reaches out for the µ-opioid receptor and can have great medicinal value to those trying to break a habit. The effects last for six hours and leave a calming and satisfying cloud of feelings.

Malaysia kratom herbs

Kratom at Azarius

Azarius offers a wide range of kratom leaves, powder and extracts. Extracts are made with water or alcohol. The advantage of extracts is the fact that you don't consume a lot of ‘useless’ plant material, which makes digestion and intake much easier. Aside from extracts, there are more and more preparation-free drinks available with kratom.

Currently we also offer Mitragyna hirsuta and Mitragyna javanica, which are related to Mitragyna speciosa but are not yet well-known. The calming effects of Javanica and the sleep-inducing effects of Hirsuta are extremely interesting for adventuring explorers of the mind.

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