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The world's first smart vaporizer


Now that we depend on our smartphones for almost everything, it's to be expected that soon all other devices will become smart. And now, as you may have guessed, this is what happened to our beloved vaporizer.

The Elevape Smart Vaporizer, developed by IPuff USA, is the world's first and only smart vaporizer.

What makes this vaporizer so intelligent?

Activates upon inhaling
The Elevape SV turns itself on as soon as you inhale. Instead of an on/off button, an advanced microprocessor detects and controls the airflow to heat ratio. There's no heat up time: it allows for instant vaping. Moreover, this system significantly increases battery life and efficiency.

A software app
This app, that was developed exclusively for the Elevape SV, allows you to set your own temperature preferences and check your battery status and user statistics all at one glance.

The worlds only smart vaporizer (for now)

As of today, the Elevape SV is world's only smart vaporizer. But that probably won't be long. Other manufacturers will probably launch their own smart vaporizers soon. A positive outlook, because the Elevape is very easy to use and that hasn't remained unnoticed. Chances are that the world of vaporizers will soon have its own top competitors' battle for technology (and market share) in the same way as Google and Apple.

Ever more vaporizers

Vaporizers have gained popularity over the last five years. In those years, the market has expanded significantly: it can be hard to choose between numerous portable vaporizers, desktop vaporizers and pen vaporizers. Ever more technology is being used. This has made vaporizers both easier to handle and easier to use. Vaporizing herbs and liquids has become much more efficient, and battery life has increased enormously.

The question: which vaporizer is the best? has never been harder to answer. This all depends on how and where you'd want to use it (at home, on the way, with friends or alone), how often (every day, once a week) and your budget.

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