BlogBan on sclerotia sale for unlicensed merchants
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Ban on sclerotia sale for unlicensed merchants


Don’t you worry, the smartshops in Amsterdam will happily go on selling sclerotia; it is the unlicensed selling points which are going to be regulated strictly with heavy money penalties as a consequence (starting at 10,000 and running up to 40,000 euros).

Naturally we are very happy with this, for it’s the opinion of Azarius that there is nothing wrong with selling sclerotia as long as you consistently instruct the buyers accurately. Unfortunately up on to this point any old fool wanting to make a few extra bucks could have sold it as delicacies. There is a known case in which a tobacco shop pretended to refrigerate the truffles with a tiny fridge standing in the store, whilst the stock was actually rotting in a humid basement. Countless warnings of the staff were ignored, so we sure do feel better in knowing that for them and all similar cases, the party is up.

So, fortunately you won’t have to buy with us any more to ensure superior quality, though we are proud to say that it is questionable if our customer friendliness can be equalled. And if that doesn’t float your boat we will always be cheaper than any other shop...

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