BlogLink between high IQ and drug use?
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Link between high IQ and drug use?


A new study shows a correlation between a high IQ among children and the use of cannabis or other drugs later in life.

The study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health analysed nearly 8,000 people. It showed that men with a high IQ at the age of 5 are 50% more likely to have experimented with drugs 25 years later than those with low IQ. Women were more than twice as likely to have used cannabis compared to those with low IQ scores.

Study author Dr. James White: "Although most studies have suggested that higher child or adolescent IQ prompts the adoption of a healthy lifestyle as an adult, other studies have linked higher childhood IQ scores to excess alcohol intake and alcohol dependency in adulthood."

It’s not yet clear why there seems to be such a link between high IQ and the use of drugs, though Dr. White theorizes it’s because smarter children tend to get bored more easily (and as such experiment more) or suffer for being different from their peers.


Belfast Telegraph

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