BlogRussia outlaws Salvia and other entheogenic herbs
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Russia outlaws Salvia and other entheogenic herbs


Russia has recently put a number of herbs on a list of controlled substances, the government website reported Thursday.

The list of banned plants includes Salvia Divinorum, Argyreia Nervosa (Hawaiian Baby Woodrose) and Nymphaea Caerulea (Blue Lotus). These plants have been banned from cultivation, sale and possession. Also added to the list are 23 synthetic cannabinoids.

A Russian news site states that “The herbs, until recently easily available at street kiosks across Russia, as well as from online stores, were tested and found to be dangerous to human health and life.”

We’d love to see the results of studies that proves these herbs really are ‘dangerous to human health and life’.

In December 2009, head of city Nevinnomyssk went as far as declaring a 'war' on these substances (smoking mixtures) and the people selling them. Some remarkable quotes from city officials:

“He notified the audience that on the entrepreneurs "making profit at the expense of the health of children", Nevinnomyssk would declare a real war by all possible administrative means.”

“We propose to create on the urban site a section on the impact of smoking mixtures and to place there 'Shame board' with photos of employers under the working title ' They trade death' ."

That’s right, they want a shame board for these ‘merchants of death’. What’s next, send Salvia vendors to Siberia?

Apparently the Russian government rather sees its people drink themselves stupid with vodka while smoking tobacco. Just don’t even think about growing blue lotus.

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