BlogDutch Labour Party: ‘lift ban on magic mushrooms’
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Dutch Labour Party: ‘lift ban on magic mushrooms’


Lea Bouwmeester, MP of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) says she would like to see a roll back of the much-criticized mushroom ban. She claims the ban is ineffective and does not tackle the actual problems.

She believes combined use of alcohol and drugs amongst tourists is the main issue, and not particularly the use of mushrooms. “Statistics prove this, as 95 percent of ambulance calls related to drugs concerns tourists who have consumed several types of drugs together, often combined with alcohol.”

Just like the mayor of Amsterdam suggested in 2007, Bouwmeester wants to regulate the sale of shrooms and force people to consider their use by introducing a three day wait between purchase and consumption.

Recently, other Dutch political parties Groenlinks (GreenLeft) and D66 (Democrats 66) announced they are against the ban and in favor of regulating its sales.

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