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Ayahuasca visions


The Ayahuasca packs we have introduced in our latest newsletter are running out of the shop. You sure like them! But get one soon, ‘cause they won’t be on offer forever.
The Azarius crew who personally weighs and packs all seeds, joints, shrooms and herbs are having a though one on this new favorite. But we like to see you happy and trippin’ all over the place ?.
We like to make a call to everyone who has tried ayahuasca to tell us about your experiences and write your story on our forum (see link on top of our website, or try Maybe you also have had experiences with different ayahuasca brews (eg. B. caapi and Chacruna or Syrian Rue and Jurema Preta), then post your story on the forum.

Don’t forget to take a look in our library for books on ayahuasca!

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