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International Drug Policy Reform Conference


December 6, 7 and 8 the International Drug Policy Reform Conference took place in New Orleans. Speakers from different fields of expertise gathered to discuss the various aspects of current drug use and policy, and all of these talks can now be read, heard or watched on the website of the Drug Policy Alliance.

Some of the subjects that are discussed are:
  • Physically, Mentally, Emotionally Better: Psychedelics as Healing Agents
  • Tobacco: the New Most Dangerous Drug?
  • Marijuana & Health: Risks and Benefits
  • IBOGAINE - An Effective Therapy for Chemical Dependence
  • Europe and Drug Policy Reform: Stepping Forward or Falling Back?
  • Faith, Action and Change: Mobilizing Religious Opposition to the Drug War
All MP3's, MOV en PDF-files can be found on the program overviews of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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