BlogThe power of the flame: the advantages of battery-free vaporizers
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The power of the flame: the advantages of battery-free vaporizers


Flame-heated vaporizers are becoming more and more common. Why are these battery-free vaporizers on the rise?

Let’s start with some generalities. The so-called flame vaporizer is battery-free and doesn’t hold a traditional heating element. Heating takes place with the use of a torch lighter. Through convection; warm air flows past and through the herb, or by heating a metal element through which the active components of your herb or concentrate evaporate at the right temperature. This happens, generally, between 170 and 210 degrees Celsius – see our encyclopedia article on vaporizing temperatures.

It's all about control

With these vaporizers, it’s not a matter of pushing a button and staring at your screen until it shows the right temperature, but of doing it yourself. The control and the insight that comes with experience are part of the fun for the users of flame vaporizers. You decide when you’re ready to vape and then you can vape away. It becomes something of a ritual.

Not batteries, no electronics

Flame vaporizers are often cheaper than their electronic counterparts. The heating element, electronic links, housing, battery and charger plus the time it takes to assemble are all included in the cost price. The flame vaporizer is a lot simpler in that respect.

Vapcap Original
The VapCap Orginal by DynaVap

Many electronic vaporizers have a built-in battery. This means the user cannot replace the battery himself. Only the manufacturer is able to do this. One of the advantages of the flame vaporizer is that you will never have to worry about batteries. If your lighter works your vaporizer will as well, without the trouble of chargers, power sockets or power banks. Without a battery, flame vaporizers are pretty compact and light-weight. The VapCap M and the OmniVap Titanium take this to the extreme. This makes them super practical for outdoor use.

Metal vs Wood

The VapCap vapes by DynaVap fly of the shelves. Along the metal versions mentioned above, they also have a wooden version, like the handsome VapCap Ti Woody that fits perfectly with the walnut DynaStasher. Smokers and former smokers will appreciate the VapCaps for their cigarette-esque shape. In addition, the VapCaps and the Vaponic are suitable for hash. They’re multi-purpose like no other!

Since there is no temperature display it’s up to the user to decide how long the vape needs to be heated. And from how close? Are you heating up inside or outdoors? Weather circumstances have impact on the heating process.

Sticky Brick Junior line-upYes, there are vaporizers inside (Sticky Brick Junior)

The choice of materials is what distinguishes the OG Stick Brick and the Sticky Brick Junior. Machinery has been designed to treat the hand-picked selection of wood, revolutionizing the production process of the vaporizers. Everything for the best vaporizer! The different types of wood are not just used to please the eye, they also shape the vape experience. Wood possesses antiseptic abilities, impacts the temperature and has its own taste. Just like a wooden barrel does with the taste of the whiskey it stores. These are all subtle sensations, but the real connoisseur will certainly appreciate their sophistication.

Your personalized vaporizer

Many are attracted by the refreshingly electronica-free flame vaporizer. Especially wooden vapes consisting of natural materials like glass and wood, feel different compared to the coolness of plastic electronic vaporizers. They feel more personal. With wooden vaporizers, you still have the exact same vape in ten years time, including wood that looks gorgeous through use, which is super cool. The quality of the material doesn’t wear or tear and the way the vape looks depends solely on how you treat it. Flame vaporizers are not afraid to show character.

Author: Maud

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