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The many powers of the chaga mushroom


The mushroom chaga has many fantastic names, like 'Diamond of the Forest', 'King of the Spices' and 'The Gift of Nature'. Well, maybe that all sounds a bit gushy, but truth is: chaga is a fascinating fungus! The medical and uplifting powers of chaga are brought to the attention of more and more lifestyle guru’s, smart drug fanatics and scientists. The research into the precise functioning of this forest diamond is still ongoing, but it has now been scientifically established that the fungus definitely has some healing properties. The specific composition of important minerals, vitamins and trace elements has a very special effect: it makes your body work better. Unlike some other mushrooms, chaga tincture also has a nice taste, a bit vanilla-like.

Traditional applications

Chaga is a true superfood in both Russian and Chinese traditional medicine. In Siberia some people still drink a brew of chaga instead of black tea or coffee. According to Russian scientists, people in areas where chaga is drunk regularly, reach an older age than in other areas of the country. The mushroom has been used for centuries as a natural anti-septic, but also as a maintenance dose for a healthy 'Chi', or a balanced living energy. In Eastern Europe, history of the use of chaga for medical purposes dates back to the sixteenth century, when it was already used as a drug against tumours and various diseases. Modern science discovered the mushroom as late as the eighties, thanks to research in Asia, Russia and Europe.

Chaga in birch

Maximum productivity

Too much work and stress, too little sleep and energy? With a cup of chaga, your energy is restored and you can perform optimally. If your boss is a brainy one, he will arrange for a stock of chaga in the office. Coffee with chaga extract is therefore one of the favourite boosts of Tim Ferris, the famous author of The 4-Hour Workweek. According to himself, he tried just about any drug that is available, but with a nice cup of chaga coffee he lifts his productivity to a maximum level. No doubt the man knows what he is talking about, because he already was awfully efficient. Less pottering and getting things done faster, don’t we all want that?

Boost for the immune system

But what is it that actually makes chaga such a miracle fungus? To begin with, it promotes the production of cytokines. Cytokines are, as it were, the managers of the immune system. They organize things and assign cells to combat infections. Due to a greater amount of cytokine your self-defence system is in optimal condition. According to some experts, chaga even is the most powerful natural remedy against autoimmune diseases.

Powerful antioxidant

Another remarkable feature of chaga is that it contains a very high amount of powerful antioxidants, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD). Antioxidants eliminate the damage of so-called free radicals, protect against diseases and stomach ulcers and slow down the ageing process - especially of the skin. SOD is the strongest antioxidant we know.

Support against cancer

The presence of potent antioxidants can prevent cancer formation, because free radicals do not get the chance to make a tumour. Now there is also evidence that chaga also has a direct anti-tumoural effect. Research shows that chaga significantly inhibits tumour growth and metastasis. Among other things, the present substance betulin, derived from the birch bark, causes tumour cells to destroy themselves without destroying the surrounding cells. Betulin and other substances present in chaga also cause a reduction of bad cholesterol in the body.

Try chaga for yourself?

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Author: Sara de Waal

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