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MDA versus MDMA


Structurally MDA resembles MDMA in many ways, although it deviates in little details which results in a slightly different action. Both substances can be found in XTC pills. In the following article we compare both.

Euphoria and psychedelic effects

Both substances boost the serotonin levels in your brain which results in a strong feeling of euphoria combined with a larger emphatic ability. But MDA attaches itself stronger to the 5-HT2a receptor resulting in a stronger psychedelic effect compared to MDMA. MDA can produce visual effects, something which only happens with MDMA in extreme doses. The question remains if MDMA itself is responsible for the hallucinations since at high doses the substance is transformed into MDA in the brain. So it may very well be possible that it isn’t MDMA which causes hallucinations but that you are tripping on a transformed version of MDA.

Production process

The production process of both substances is similar. The exact same materials are used and nearly the same proceedings are followed. Consequently production costs are the same. As a result of most people preferring MDMA the idea has arisen that MDA is a failed version of MDMA. As if the chemist made a mistake during the production process and accidentally produced a different substance. This is absolutely not the case. The production process may be similar but it is impossible to make MDA through a little mistake.

What do I buy?

Perhaps you are wondering how MDA pills make it into the market? Most people after all prefer MDMA. Why should you make MDA if it sells less than MDMA? The answer is simple: a small group of people quite likes MDA. Where there is demand, you’ll find supply. This is the reason MDA pills are occasionally made. The problem is that pills exchange hands frequently. Dealers sometimes are not that interested in the exact details of what they sell.

So it can happen that pills made for the connoisseur of MDA are being sold as MDMA. Many who have regularly taken XTC may have had the experience of being a bit trippy, of walls moving, things morphing into each other or seeing something that suddenly was not there.

Test your pills!

This is the reason why it is wise to test your pills beforehand, so you can learn exactly what you are taking. You can easily do this with a simple EZ test from Azarius. The different colours let you know which substance is found in your pill. If there are a number of different substances or you want to know the dosage, you can visit the testservice of the Jellinek in Amsterdam. That is, if you are in the neighbourhood.

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