BlogYoung Canadians are free to smoke cannabis
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Young Canadians are free to smoke cannabis


In the near future marijuana might be decriminalised for Canadian youngsters. At least that is what Martin Cauchon, the Canadian Minister of Justice, suggests.
He wants to fine youngsters when they are caught with a maximum of 30 grams. Currently children will have to go to Court and the can end up in jail for the possession of cannabis.
In a speech in Toronto last month Cauchon said that he wants cannabis to be taken out of Criminal Law because the law is applied differently across the country. 'Children… may not be charged if they are caught in Toronto, but kids in small towns … are being charged for exactly the same behaviour' and are 'ending up with a criminal conviction,' he said to Sun Media.
Support for Cauchon’s idea was strong in all regions of the country and among all age groups.

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