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2 vidas, sim - the inconscient awakening?

hello travelers! I need to share my trip with some of you, but maybe only some will be able to understand it, or close to it. I never did. In September this year I came to holland and one of my aims was to improve my knowledge about drugs - all the ones I took before in Portugal - and first, about me.. Mainly mushrooms, I now feel like I can get all the benefits from a mushroom trip, more than ever in my life. Anyway, I wanted to UNDERSTAND salvia as well. And I took tooooo much. I was with a friend. I worked on my environment, music, light and even my own clothes, were exactly like they should be. Only that my room looks like a fucking carroussel fairy, and it can either be the best place on earth to help you with a strange trip, or... as it was the case, it can change into a horrifying battlefield!! and for moments you're just sure that you'll never get out of there again... In my first smoke that night, I took the same quantity (half of the bottle) that me and my friend after would split in 6 parts. So it was 6 times more than what I can really tolerate. Two seconds after that first smoke, everything disappears, like a blindness. I stoped talking, I wanted to call my friend - staring just in front of me - and no sound was leaving my mouth. In fact, I didn't even knew where to speak from, or where my mouth was... It's like the devil possessing a body and trying to adapt to the human capacities and functions. My functions were distorted, and I didn't know if I should speak from my ass or my nose, maybe shit with my mouth - I just didn't recognize and identify my functions!!! Fortunately, that went away quiclky, and sudenlly I stand up and start running in circles in my room, which for me took 15-20 minutes. In fact only 4 or 5, according to my friend. Now what i don't understand and i never will - maybe if I take some more abusive salvia(...) is what happened next. uhh..where shall I start... Well, as I begin running, reality disapeared for me. So, maybe first i'll explain reality - running in circles, shouting things like what the fuck, get me out of here and a lot of shit in portuguese that my german friend couldn't understand; until I finally calm down and just stayed in bed for day and a half without moving, just trying to figure out, not the reality, but MY reality: As I began running in my room, the only thing that conected me visually with the real world was a bunch of candles on the floor, maybe a dangerous add, but ending up being a precious help to come back. MY BRAIN was tortured those 5 minutes!! Have you seen the movie CubeI or II? If you did, that's what happened to my poor brain, at least is the only comparision that I can make. if you didn't, I say, my whole life, my past since i was born, was just right there!!! AROUND ME, and i was WALKING THROUGH IT, from the very beggining - I WAS born, I crawled on the floor - and my friend told me all the movements I made - I got older - HEY I SAW THIS I DIDN'T IMAGINE OR ONLY TRIPED!!! My head was just producing these incredibly real images of things that happened in my whole life, and i was just STUCK in there! And interacting with all people in the way - those were the things i told them in portuguese and that the only real person except me in the room didn't understand. Aaiii... I know this is a mess for you, but I read some stories here of people that maybe want to know more about this effect of a drug, because THIS IS WHEN YOU REALIZE NOT EVERY DRUGS ARE MEANT TO MAKE US FEEL DRUGED, THEY PLAY WITH OUR MIND, and that just makes me wanna know more and more. Unfortunately after that night, and now almost two months after, i still didn't have the guts to trip agin, even with mushrooms.... RESPECT! We're always learning... Please if you have something to say about this, if you've experienced something close to any kind of disturbed i tried to describe, just let me know...please! Because I could build an entire web site dedicated to this particualr trip... and of course I have a LOT more to say... Keep tripping!!!

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