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slavia safety

well heres how it went for me,i was just browsing the internet and came up on this never knew nothing about it but have smoked cannibas for years so when i saw some salvia divinorum and seen you could also get stronger doses with the 5x extract so i went ahead and bought some,very skeptical that a plant could be that potent and legal.well a couple days later i got it in the mail and was very anxious to try it out,so i went to my little party room,packed about half of the gram i bought into my bowl of my water bong and used my propane torch( used for copper pipe sweating)put the fire deep into the leaf inhaling deeply almost consumed the whole bowl in one hit,held it for about 20 sec.then i went for the next hit, and not even halfway threw i just dropped the bong and torch(thankfully the torch had a safety button you have to hold in)not knowing it till i came back to,right after i dropped them i had this terrifying pressure on my left side that pushed me to the wall were i sat for a minute or so then i was out of my body,like in another whole dimension telling myself i got to get out of here then i think i was spinning in a circle before i sat down on the couch when i came back to reality but still had the strong salvia weight pushing my sides and was very scared,after all this about 15 min.i was feeling ok but very drowsy and went to sleep for about two hours and when i woke up i was still terrified about my experience with salvia,as you can see this is not a recreational drug and you should know about it first and its effects as i didnt,next time ill try a smaller amount(alot smaller)if i even do as right now i fear salvia....

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