ExperiencesMushrooms Psilocybe Cubensis
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First apologize my English ... it is not my mother tongue. Here we go. I collected the shrooms myself in our mountains and dried them slowly in a newspaper. These were psilo. semilanceata, also known as liberty caps. One evening I prepared a tea, dropped the 75 shrooms in it and stirred for 10 minutes or so, pressing with a spoon to extract the maximum of whatever was hidden in there. The beverage became nearly as dark as coffee. It tasted , well, the shrooms ! I was amazed how quick I started to fly. Some 15 minutes later the walls started to breath with me, all these marvallous details started to appear : I was entering the magic world. Closing my eyes I was transported in a huge temple made of big stones. I was not walking but rowing in a small boat for this temple was in the middle of a lake ... big snowy mountains were surrounding. All this was very peaceful and seemed increadibly real - maybe a souvenir of one of my cells ? A voice asked me : Is not this beautiful ? I was unable to speak, only a big smile came out. I open my eyes ... back in my room but the voice was still there ... a second voice showed up. Listening to them I closed my eyes again. Two faces were looking at me : an old african woman - obviously a sorceress - and an middle-aged amzonian shaman. They were in some sort of discussion but my spirit came and disturbed their "spiritual" conference. I was very upset and I had fear they would not be nice with me but they smiled at me, saying I had not to worry. They were just astonished to see me here, a european. And very happy as well to be no longer alone. Were they real spirits or only in my mind is no matter. During all this I remember to have had a very slow and deep breath. I listened to their story, which was a mental vision of their hypothetic lives in a kaleidoscope of short and very precise visions. And then they both left. I stayed afterwards in the "habitual" mushroom state ... laughter, smiles, and lots of visuals. Since this trip - I made others since - I never met them again. But I never made a bad trip again.

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