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Our super trip!!

This is my report of what I'd like to call a supertrip!!! on a saturday, I went to get some mushrooms for me and two friends. me and one of the other two guys had already tried mushrooms one time before and that was really a positive experience. but this time, we wanted something strong. So,, maybe not so smart @ we having not many experience, but I bought three portions of the copelandia mushrooms and I ,ofcourse, asked as many information as Icould get. Finaly, at 5:45 pm, We where all together at my place to eat them up. I ate them without anything, and the other two ate them with egg salade on a cracker. Normaly I have a strong stomach, but the taste off these dried things was really REALLY bad!! After about 15 minutes my arms and legs began to feel really weird. From the one moment on the other it kicked in, I had a weird "difficult" fealing in my chest and stomach and I said to my friends: "This is not going to be allright tonight." it had just started and it was already verry heavy and strong!! I said: Let's go outside cause I think I'm going crazy inside!! When we got outside, The street was already moving in waves, we walked down the street to a shop to get cigarettes. While we where walking, I started to get a hard time, I had many mixed feelings, could not control my thoughts and I felt a little sick. When we got to the shop, It had just closed.. Then we decided to go to the shopping center, where all our friends were. (we absolutely had to tell and show this to them!!! (we had 1,5 portion left to give away)) while walking to the center, everything was strange. I saw certian things that I can hardly describe.. and everything seemed bigger or smaller than usual. Suddently my phone rings.. My younger brother, if he could also come and experience it. SURE!! he absolutly had to experience this!!! When he arrived, we immediatly began to tell him how super it was, so why don't give him a bit??:P Meanwhile, my sickness had dissapeared and I was feeling perfect in the middle of all what was happening. we walked on the middle of the road and also almost got driven over a few times. When we noticed this was dangerous we went to walk on the sidewalk.. When we arrived in The shopping center (shops had already closed, the time was 7:00pm) there was a big fight going on, and when they saw us, they went after us!! we were understanding that, being drugged by the shrooms, it was not a good idea to get involvedin this fight so we left. To the "Elzen Pasch"... :D The "Elzen Pasch" is a Small park with many trees and nature. Here I smoked weed for the first time, and I have a lot of good memories from there. While we were walking to the park I started to change from the inside, I felt like a adult (25 years or so..) that had advice for every one, never had any trouble, was liked by everybody, and had a solution for everything. It all felt so good, like I was learning everything that I'd need for the rest of my life. In my mind, I was asking questions to myself that I could answer by following the trip very good. There was a cause for everything I saw and felt, I felt like a investigator that was investigating everything of the trip and I kept saying: WOOW,, this is realy crazy!! very different from "the normal world!! this is very funny, but very weird!! at 7:15 pm we arrived in The "Elzen Pasch" we sat down and smoked the joint I still had with me, after that, It was JACKPOT!! everything started spinning, just like a washing machine but much slower. I saw red, Yellow, Green and bleu coloures, and detailes of different things that were similar were connected by glowing lines. I was fascinated by everything a saw and felt!! It was like I was learning centuries of life-experience!!! a few moments later, everything (exept for the sky) was covered with something green purple and black, it was very strange and it was like I was in a computer game!! Really amusing!! It also was like I could see the air that I was moving with moving my fingers. also my jaws flet like rubber, and my breathing felt very special :D I also was laughing the whole time, exept in the peak of the trip, when I could just watch it all happening and say how happy I was with all that was happening. after this all, It all got weaker, but I was still seeing things at 1:30 am the next day!! :D I had the time of my life and this was absolutely not the last time with Copelandia.

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