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Salvia Report

Salvia Report 1st Experience: 10/1996 I tried only 1 leaf, which when crushed fitted into about 3 cones of my water pipe. I was playing some of "Passion" - Peter Gabriel After smoking the leaves I became very excited as I realised the potential of this great plant. The effects seemed psychedelic initially, but then strange and hard to describe. I resolved to experiment further. 2nd Experience: 11/1996 3 large leaves were cut and chopped into 4 cones and the remainder rolled into a joint. I proceded to smoke the three cones giving my exhales to my partner. Whilst I was fumbling around with the equipment, she was able to hold her breaths for much longer. (She was lying on the bed beside me, so I needed to lean over her to give her the smoke.) Transferring the first three cones to the pipe had not been a problem but as I reached the fourth cone my co-ordination faltered and I spilt some of the contents. I gave up on the water pipe and somehow managed to get the joint lit and kept going. By this stage it had become hard to work out what was happening. The process of smoking had become automatic and robotic with the body commanded to continue until all the leaves were spent. As I proceeded to smoke I realised that I was not quite sure if joint was actally burning my hands or not. Finally I finished and placed the smouldering butt into the ashtray. I looked at my partner but she was silent, expressionless and had her eyes closed seemingly floating on the bed. I managed to lie down next to her and stare at the images which began unfolding themselves on the ceiling. At first there was eyes. Large egyptian painted eyes reflected by eachother in sets of eight. I wriggled a bit and got comfortable, closing my eyes. I entered a large greenish reality with the two of us lying in the same relative position. The bed had pillars or bed posts which seemed to be organic and treelike with twining vines reaching up to a canopy of leaves. There seemed to be some sort of music playing like long melodic chords. [The trance deepened. The following becomes very hard to describe:] The steady beat of my heart infiltrated itself into the very structure of the universe. Space and time seemed no longer separable. The dimensions of the room had expanded such that the four walls were now too far away to perceive. The bed seemed endlessly reflected in all directions stretching out to infinity but measured not in terms of distance but in terms of heartbeats. There was exactly one heartbeat separating each pillar stretching out from my feet, head and to either side of me. Each reflected bed was one heatbeat by one heartbeat in size and was separated from its kaleidoscopic reflections by a single heatbeat in each direction. Every now and again my partner would move and a beautiful tinkle would sound as if she was wearing a tiny bell. The sound was incredibly beautiful and I desired to hear nothing but the sound of that bell. Our breathing sounded normal but my heart beats continued to measure out the depth and breadth of the roomscape. (After much searching later I discovered that the "bell" had been a small metal zipper on the edge of the sleeping bag which was covering us) Eventually the state faded so I levered myself up onto my elbow and took another toke. This time I found that two realitys fought for acknowlegement in my minds eye. One on the surface which was bright and harsh and one which was deeper and green. The deeper one seemed to be modulated by the sound of my partners breathing. When the was silence, the deeper reality seemed to take hold, when there was breathing, the deeper reality winked out of existance. The deeper reality seemed to be something I was looking at or percieving rather than something I was within as the first green world had been. Once again, the images faded and I talked the experience over with my partner. I was surprised to hear her discribe her experience of a green reality very similar to the one I experienced. In her universe, she united with the tree/vine like entity and became it, losing herself entirely to the arboresque transformation. Graeme Carl.

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