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Being and not being

Hello fellow Psychonauts ! About 2 months ago, me and my girlfriend decided to buy Salvia Divinorum 10x extract, due to my previous voyages & becomings using it, in the past. Late that night (about 3/4 am), on the street I live in, by the beach, (:oD) I lit my waterbong, and after a few hits, I felt the "high" coming, so I gave her the bong and on that same second I litteratly felt my legs and body dissolve into some sort liquid into the ground. At that same time, my visual perception was in a sort of spiral, vortex like way (really confusing), where everything blend in together. Suddenly, I felt my conscience burst into an enormous speed & simply disappear. It seemed like I stopped existing. When I started to come back to a "material" existence, I was on the top of some bushes acting and feelling like a real cameleon. Invisibility was my main asset, I was even able to look at two different directions at the same time....when I began to feel human again, I started to hear my friends and family talking to me, not making any sense at all ( I was alone with my girlfriend...)... Finally, my trip ended with me lying sideways on the floor, thinking that my shadow on the floor was my shadow on a wall.. The intense trip lasted for about 15 min, then I felt relaxed and dreammy. At that time my girlfriend was afraid of trying it, she thought it was too strong, hehehe. Peace brothers !

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