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Truth in a bag

Just a quick little report to say how much i have appreciated having these little fellas in my life. I was at a stage of my life of great insecurity, having just split up with my girlfriend, bogged down with work at university and generally feeling shite about things... a loss of perspective, in other words. My cousin and i drove to the salisbury plains ( a very beautiful part of england, where stone henge is) and munched a little bag each of the philosophers stones i had sorted out. We then ambled off into the undergrowth to see what the day had to offer us. About half an hour later the philosophers started to make their presence felt, tingles and slightly swimming vision , you know the first hints of a mushroom trip. Unfortunately we found ourselves in an army barracks, barbed wire, armoured cars and all, so for the first half hour of the trip we suffered a case of slight uneasiness, stifled by the negative vibes emanating from so much enclosure and machismo. When we finally found our way out the other side though, and into the field behind, the sensation opened up like a daisy fast forward, and we waltzed into a day of sheer wickedness. In short, we found ourselves a corner of the field to chill in, and within ten minutes ( or ten years , who knows ;) ) we were as rooted there as the lush grass we lay on, as though we d been born right there behind an army barracks in the depths of wiltshire. The vibe is of intense oneness with yourself and with the scene around you, so as long as that scene is lovely, you re lovely too. we spent a century or three chatting and philosophizing (its not for nothing that these babies are called what they re called: they make you THINK.... ) and when i came out the other side, in a lazy downward spiral from cloud nine, my confidence in the positivity of things had been restored. And its put me right on track, it was an important lesson for me. I wont go into all i thought because it would take up the entire internet, but suffice to say when you do these shrooms right, they help you realise... enlightenment, i spose! I was in a good mood for about three months after that. thank you philosophers stones! peace rowan

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