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Salvia (not that strong) trip

Salvia report: Me and a friend went to smoke some salvia dried leaves, we crushed them real good, so it almost looked like powder. We thought it would get us more smoke into our lungs. And so we set of to wonderfull journeys. My friend started en got in some sort of 'mickey mouse' world as he explained me. I was up next, after 2 hits i was already laughing, but i didn't want to end it al here, so i got myself straight after a while and took another 2 hits. After that everything was covered in a sort of long-straight-cookies, every angle was represted by one of these cookies. I laughed some more and more when i suddenly got real focused on one point, we were doing it at night in some kind of forest so i was quite dark i stared at some dark spot, until I saw a friendly face smiling at me. The face angles and figures where like green stripes it almost looked like a painting. At that point some sandy road grew to the face and all of a sudden the road went down or something and there it was, some sort of street, like in wild-west movies only more modern with a fire station (that's one clear thing i remember about the street). It wasn't all that long, but at the end of the street were some people. Only they were bigger than the houses, they also smiled at me and looked quite inviting towards me. Then it snapped as my friend started talking, and the visual effect were over. I still feeled a bit weird afterwards but that feeling soon disappeared. this trip wasn't all that heavy, cause i didn't really have the feeling i got into it, i still knew i was just sitting there. I highly recommend it to everyone! (just don't overdo it =) ) Greetz. Salviadude

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