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Daily user for more then 10 years!!

I started using ephedrine around 1992, in High School, at the time they were fairly cheap, people sold them for 25cents for a 25mg tab. And you could get 100 tabs for $10 or less. Considering normal dosage was 3-6 tabs, that was less than $2. In 1994 I found stores that sold bottles, I used them mostly for energy for mtn.biking, martial arts, or weightlifting, usually 3 or 4 25mg tabs, not more than 2 times a week. Once in a while on a Friday night Id take 8 25mg tabs with some caffeine pills and a can of pepsi to wash it down, just to ensure I was gonna be extra awake and alert. Then I started a 'technical college' in around 1997. I had done 'ok' on the first test, before then next test I had taken a few, so I wouldnt be tired, and I ended up getting the highest grade in the class. I started taking them every day before class, and ending up getting the highest grade in the class on every test and the final exam. Unfortunately its now 2003 and Im still taking them every day, anywhere from 16mg - 80mg a day. It is soooo hard not to, because if I dont take them for a day or two, I am exhausted, I feel like a truck ran me down, and like I could just sleep forever. So some advice: Never take ephedrine more than 2 times per week, and never more than 150mg at a time. Taking it to work-out or for a little boost: take 50-80mg. Taking it to stay up ALL NIGHT to PARTY: take 150mg with caffeine. AND NEVER take on a daily basis to help you stay up at work or school, AND NEVER EVER slowly up the dosage, ie: "I took 50mg the first time, then 80, then 125, then 200, then 300, so now I gotta do 500mg!" I've never done this, but have talked to people who had, you will build up a tolerance, and you will be taking HANDFULLS just to wake up in the morning, and youll end up either in drug rehab or getting your stomach pumped at the local emergency room. Ive never known anyone who died taking ephedrine. Deaths have occured, although usually there are other drugs, or special circumstances in the case, and is not very common.

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