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Cradle of Nature

Ok people listen to me for I got an amazing story to tell you! I received my little philstones (30 gr) on thursday. Me and two friends wanted to go tripping in the forest the following weekend. We decided that saturday would be the best day to do it, cause there is no school or work for anyone of us. But on saturday morning the sky was cloudy, it really looked like we were in for nasty weather. At noon one of my friends called and told me that he was out of the plan because he didn't want to risk a bad trip being caught in the forest while it's raining. So I called the other friend of mine and after discussing what to do now we decided that we wanted to take the stones anyway. So we started out at 2 pm and climbed up a long way in the forest that is actually called the "philosopher's way"! Ain't that funny? We chose the place because of this funny pun. At about 3:15 pm we found a perfect place on a steep meadow deep in the forest from which we could look down on the "philosopher's way". Hardly anybody came along here. First we put on the ghetto blaster of my friend and listened to "the arcade fire". Then I took the philstones out of my bag. I had put them fresh in honey for two days now. They tasted like sweet candy. Each of us took 10 gr. About 15 minutes after we had eaten the stones, I realized that I felt quite confuzed and a bit dizzy, like after smoking a joint. I stood up from the meadow to get my bottle of coke which was lying three feet or so away, and everything turned! But it didn't feel bad at all! I asked my friend if he was also confused, and he said that he was confused like hell. So I was lying down on the meadow again and smoking a cigarette, this friend of mine beside me, also smoking a cigarette. Suddenly I started to giggle, and laughter burst out of me. My friend joined this laughter, and after a few minutes we didn't even know anymore what we were laughing about. From now on I started to feel very comfortable, and not really confused anymore. Although the sky was cloudy, I felt like there was a lot of sunshine and some kind of heat was crawling up my spine. Colours were starting to become brighter, and I could see the smoke from my cigarette very clear, curling up into the air and taking on very funny shapes. I told my friend about the funny smoke, and we started discussing about the smoke, talking a lot of nonsense and laughing. That was about 15 minutes after we had eaten the stones. From now on time seemed to be frozen, I looked upon my watch about five minutes later, and I couldn't believe it, because for me it seemed like hours had passed. Again, my friend and me talked about something, and he told me that his job or something makes him happy. I said: "Do you know what makes me happy? EVERYTHING!" And I actually felt like I could hug the whole world, especially the trees and the grass around us that I started to feel more aware of. I even considered the trees to be some kind of big, friendly animals, because I saw that their branches were moving like fingers and that they were breathing and actually seemed to grow and shrink while doing this! When I put my hand on the grass I could feel that it was moving and entangling my hand like many tiny snakes! But it wasn't scary at all, it was beautiful and I felt very comfortable and safe, like a child in a cradle. That feeling grew, and soon I was stretched out on the grass in a lazy stupor, just laughing loudly about some nonsense discussion, watching coloured 3d-patterns, burning runes and caleidoscope shapes that appeared when I closed my eyes, or talking to this friend of mine, who, just by the way, looked more and more like a lion the longer I stared at him! A red faced, laughing, friendly lion with a human body! That was so funny, I just couldn't stop laughing! I started questioning everything in a funny way, for example when my friend told me something about a cat, I had to ask "why a cat? Why must it be a cat?" and started laughing like I had heard the best joke of my life, although it made no sense at all! However, we managed to switch the cd after it was finished, and now the meditative music from enigma filled the air. It sounded simply bombastic, man, yeah BOMBASTIC is the word that came to my mind, and i wanted to apply this word to every tree, every flower and every little butterfly that I saw. And I asked my friend: "Do you know why the word bombastic is simply so, simply so......BOMBASTIC?" Our conversation was like that all the time, and we just couldn't stop laughing! We made up new words, for example the ghetto blaster turned into a god-o-blaster, the little flowers that we saw beside it were the god-o-blaster-flowers. And suddenly we knew that we were gods, and from our place high on the meadow we could rule the world of the mortals, the philosopher's way that was below our position, and make stupid jokes about the people walking along this way, talking so loud that they must have heard us! Later my friend said to me: "Ehhh, but you know, man, we ain't...You know, we ain't some kind of creator-gods who can shape somethin', ehh?" I thought for a while and replied: "No...guess we ain't. Guess we're...some kind of...gods testing the good stuff for the bigger god! Gods just hangin' around and enjoyin' life, you know?" I remember eating a roll from the supermarket, and first I realised the delicious smell of it, and it was like a shock! The smell was great as hell, man, simply like hell! It was the most delicious smell that my nose has ever experienced in my whole life! And the taste was great, man, but it was really some hard work to chew it, cause I had already gone soooo damn lazy at that time! After eating the roll and smoking another cigarette (I was smoking all the time, man, all the time when I was on shrooms, every five minutes cause it tasted so great!) I said to my friend: "Hey, do you know WHY we are the best?" He said: "No, but I just guess we are!" The tought of ever going back to crowded, stinking civilisation didn't thrill us at all, and so we decided to stay here forever. Mother Nature had become our home, and we felt so deeply linked to her, like she was actually our mother and we were lying in her cradle. At about 5 pm a mountain that we were looking on started to go up and down as if it was breathing. My friend and I both saw it. I looked at the mountain and said to my friend that it was actually not a mountain but the breast of a woman that was going up and down while the woman was lying on her back and breathing. Because the mountain was opposite of the steep meadow we were lying on, we finally came to the conclusion that we must be lying on the other breast! Time was slowly passing by, and not a single raindrop fell from the sky. At about 8:30 pm it went dark, and it was our own fault that we were surrounded by the dark forest without any light and the shrooms still working a little bit, man! We started to see eyes glowing in the dark and voodoo-like monster faces in the darkness of the trees! That was not really scary, because we knew that the faces would stay where they were, but still a bit unpleasant, because they were looking quite real! Don't do shrooms on a cloudy night when you're in the forest without any light! We became "normal" again at about 10 pm and started to talk about our trip for another 4 hours. We were both already missing the effect of the philstones, for it was the greatest and most amazing experience of our lives! Happy and feeling like some kind of wisemen or shamans we went home again. This experience has changed my whole life, I think, and probably for the next weeks I will do all things in my life with inner peace and motiviation, always thinking of the moment when I was lying on the grass, deeply connected to Mother Nature and her wonders! Thanks Azarius, by the way, for this great experience!

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