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I became a couch

I had tried Salvia in different kind of ways before, but of course, none of those times was so intense as this time, but compared to various reports, this trip wasn't so intense either. Now let's get to the story! I was home alone that night, I invited a very good friend to come over, he would take an eye on me and write notes whenever necessary, let's call him 'Trib'. I was sitting in this yellow fabric lazy couch, positioned in front of the front-window with only a small table in between, outside it was very dark. I put a dim light on and filled the bong. I was quite nervous because of the last time, but I cleared my thoughts and inhaled very very deep. After a few seconds the tingling freshness spread all over my lungs and very quickly but subtly all over the rest of my body, all the molecules and atoms seemed to be pulled or pushed in directions so that they would form patterns I could only feel, and how strong! After a very short while, I completely forgot about smoking Salvia, I was holding the bong in my right hand, but all that I could see were my fingertops behind the bong, my hand and the rest of my arm were gone. I leaned forward to see what remained of my fingertops, they were hollow, I thought it would be better if I would sit back and close my eyes, but my eyes wouldn't stay closed for long. Right then I was completely immobilized, except for my neck and head, so I could still look around a bit. Occasionally I looked at my arms and body, but large portions of it were gone or invisible. I looked at the room, but it was dimension-less, if I could call it that, there was no darkness or light, but something that I closely relate to a dream-like ambiance, plants and ornaments seemed twisted and cartoon-like, however, there was no sign of Trib, but I really didn't care about that at the moment. When I looked outside, I saw the row of houses reaching into infinity, it seemed as if I was viewing this from outside, in the distance I could make out the figures of a young woman holding a boy by his shoulder, the boy looked at the ground, but 'she' looked at me in a very mind-probing way, as if she could read my every thought and memory. I was back in my couch, but this time I was really in it, I was it. I tried to move my arms, but it feeled as if they were made of the material the couch was made of, the same counted for the rest of my body, it's the strangest feeling I've ever had or could imagine. After a while the whole body-rush I had in the start came back and I could see and feel my body again, I felt really great for another hour, I imagined lots of strange things and words, but I forgot about them very fast. I wouldn't call this 'fun', but it was extremely special, I wonder what she want to show me next time.

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