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First Ayahuasca experience

It was an icy cold December morning and I had just completed a nightshift at work. I prepared the ingredients with ordinary tap water and lemon juice over a hob for 25 minutes each while rolling a number of joints. Both mixtures went down the hatch, the Mimosa Hostilis taking some effort to imbibe. Unfortunately, I purged, as it is termed. This I suspected would be the end of the matter. I went to bed, dreamy and stoned, thinking of a Miles Davis tune and drifting off. Then the gloves suddenly came of and I felt like I was fighting for my life. The incredible impact of the sensations that began was saturated by fear and panic at the physical effects accompanying. The suddenness was alarming but I managed to get enough of a grip to fathom a bit of what I felt. I have experienced hallucinations in the past when experimenting which have been intense, but usually maintained some detatchment as observer of the strange phenomena I inflict upon myself. But with this Ayahuasca I could not easily maintain that posture for a short while. In fact the whole subject object structure was spectacularly chewed up in a psychedelic maelstrom, where the only logical action was to knuckle down and consent. Choice is not really an option. A good joint and some choice music are recomended, as is a bucket and don`t forget a blanket.

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