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Magic Hills

Well I'll tell u my 3rd trip of my life. (I've now tripped 7 times) but this was the best trip I experienced. It was summer on a Friday when we had our final exams for school. I was pretty fucked up because I couldn’t concentrate on my exams. I was nervous and I wanted to trip in the forest next to our neighborhood. When we were ready with the exams, a friend of mine took Mexicans (15 grams) and I took Thai (20 grams) both fresh. We were going to the supermarket to buy some food and drink. We took energy drinks because that’s the only thing u can taste while tripping on ‘shrooms. We biked to my house to put my bike away and there we go. We walked over the streets of Venlo and we felt nothing. We came into the forest were we walked at and when we sat down I suddenly was feeling fucking weird. We sat down and another friend called us, he had some speakers and good raggae music so then we had music in da hous. We waited a while and he came to us with music. (I was extremely happy about that). We walked further and still feeling nervous. I looked to the trees and the piece of forest where we walked on and I began to see cartoons. Every tree changed to a big mushroom that was moving from left to right all the same. I started to see small people who walked between the mushrooms. It was a big cartoon and I walked into it. I don’t realize how REAL everything looked in a trip. It’s all fake but in your mind it’s real We walked some 200 meter and came at a green field of trees and all kind of nature. I started to see mushrooms again in every tree. Everything was changing colors and I saw figures turning in the sky. It was amazing man, how can I see all those beautiful things for only 10 Euro.?. We walked further again and I felt as an old man who couldn’t almost walk. We came at some small hills and I directly saw the Mount Rushmore. But not with 4 presidents but with 4 Viking heads. I saw the clouds as huge mushrooms in every color. We started to listen to the music and sat down for 2 hours I guess. ( the trip was now during 3/3.5 hours and almost ending) Normally I smoke weed during a trip and then its working 6 hours or so but now we had no weed, only tabacco. It was a really good experience. I know now that weed makes the trip much stronger and longer. I normally feel cold or extremely warm during a trip but without weed, I don’t have that feeling. Everything felt so easy to think about. I really LOVE mushrooms and I think many more people do. I’m now thinking of salvia or mescaline but maybe its better to experience with mushrooms first. I’m 18 years old and I’m just old enough to handle a mushroom trip. I just don’t want to flip out during a mescaline trip. So its better to take mushrooms first and be SURE if u want to try this because it can go extremely wrong. (I had 1 bad trip in the past) so I know how it can feel.

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