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Huge Mushrooms In Ancient Lands....


Huge Mushrooms In Ancient Lands

About 420 million to 370 million years ago there was one organism –called a Prototaxite- which towered like skyscrapers above all other life forms; so far it’s been quite the mystery. Scientific conjectures have been debated for years and quite some research has been performed in trying to uncover what they might have been. “The tallest trees stood just a few feet high, while the ancient organism boasted trunks up to 24 feet (8 meters) high and as wide as three feet (one meter),” said National Geographic in 2007. In the desert of Saudi Arabia there was a recent dig up that revealed another Prototaxite fossil. These new findings now seem to confirm it was indeed a fungus.
This means that fungi do not only have the ability to cure disease (such as penicillin) and to enlighten minds, but that it was also the biggest inspiration in the start of life on earth. Not very surprising however when we realize that spores are the only organisms that can survive an interplanetary transition. According to the hypothesis of panspermia (Greek: πανσπερμία from πᾶς/πᾶν (pas/pan) "all" and σπέρμα (sperma) "seed") life is capable of existing throughout the universe and can be distributed through meteoroids, asteroids, comets and so forth.

“In a lecture delivered at Harvard University almost three decades ago, Francis Crick declared that he had become disenchanted with the view that life arose on Earth. Instead, he coined the Theory of Panspermia, which holds that life was sent to Earth from elsewhere in the Universe, and he proposed that the seed of life would have been an extraordinarily resistant spore of the kind produced by Bacillus subtilis and related bacteria. In response, Matthew Meselson pointed out that, if this were so, surely the extraterrestrial civilization would have sent a message in the spore. “*

This theory is one that Terence McKenna supports and has even also written quite a bit one the subject:

“As I understand the Crick theory of panspermia, it's a theory of how life spread through the universe. What I very carefully suggest (…) is that intelligence, not life, but intelligence may have come here in this spore-bearing life form. This is a more radical version of the panspermia theory of Crick and Ponampurama. In fact I think that theory will probably be vindicated. I think in a hundred years if people do biology they will think it quite silly that people once thought that spores could not be blown from one star system to another by cosmic radiation pressure. As far as the role of the psilocybin mushroom, or its relationship to us and to intelligence, this is something that we need to consider.”

In conclusion…, turns out Super Mario Land could have been more accurate in it’s depiction than we ever imagined…

So there you have it, some food for thought. I’d be interested in hearing what Azarians make up from this.

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