BlogPsychedemia: a conference on psychedelics
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Psychedemia: a conference on psychedelics


"Psychedemia" is an interdisciplinary conference on psychedelic art, culture, and science that will take place in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania between September 27th and September 30th, 2012. More and more people are interested in the psychedelic world. Not necessarily in a practical way, but also in a theoretical way. It is important to consider the impact of altered states of consciousness and the means by which they are produced from interdisciplinary perspectives. It is a conversation that's a long time overdue.

Psychedemia will coalesce decades of interdisciplinary research, millennia of human history, and the cutting edges of visionary arts and ideas to illuminate the place of psychedelics in human evolution. The organizers and supporters of this conference seek to promote a progressive and informed conversation about psychedelics and how they can be integrated into the human experience.

This conference will be unique for a number of reasons. While many prior psychedelic conferences focused primarily or exclusively on psychedelic science, this conference will examine the role of scientific research within a larger sociohistorical context.

The special guests of this conference will be: Charles Shaw (Exile Nation), Tea Faerie (Erowid), Julie Holland, Jennifer Ingram (Tribe13), Jonathan Talat Philips (Evolver Social Movement), Hamilton Morris (VICE), Jag Davies (Drug Policy Alliance), Neal Goldsmith, James Kent, Steve Beyer, George Quasha, Richard Doyle and visionary artists Android Jones and Michael Divine.


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