Trip lasted well over an hour

Third time smoking this. This time I smoked a small hit, packed another small one, smoked it, packed a larger one, smoked it. After the third hit, and right before I exhaled I said to myself "ok, that was the one..." I also had an experience that lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The initial rush was what I expected - being thrust into a vortex for about 2 seconds then seeing the landscape that my carpet and furniture made up. Not physically thrusted as in falling, but thrusted mentally from my physical surroundings into a new one. Keep in mind the new one had characteristics of the old, just that it was a huge environment, expanse, and like looking down on a wooded environment with rolling hills and patches of open spaces (very pretty). My furniture is forest green, and my carpet tan, so that explains that. Anyways, had a feeling that what I thought was the real world wasn't and that the world I was now in was. No one told me this, didn't see people. It was just the only thing that made sense. I got up off the sofa (probably immediately after I exhaled) and walked around my apartment. My first time I was very disoriented, second and third time I knew better. Was smoking a cigarette, physically, but it had no impact. Couldn't even feel it on my lips or taste the smoke, so I figured that the physical act of smoking was just an illusion and that I could actually live fine without it since I know knew that, and was convinced of it. Went outside my apartment, nice overcast day, middle of the afternoon. Kept saying to myself "this is not real" - meaning the physical world I was in before wasn't real - and that what was real was that nothing really matters anyway. Not that things are insignificant, or I'm insignificant, just that my head in the real world can be clouded with thoughts that are hard to shake. On this trip, all that mattered was that I was out and about and that I conciously trying to figure out the great mystery of why I kept asking myself "what is this all about?" Salvia brought that question up, and also a couple of conclusions. Very cool stuff. I'm not into laying down. But yes, TV can be a distraction. I enjoyed getting up, walking around my apartment asking "what is this?", walking outside and asking "what is this?" and answering that question. I saw two people outside and I said out loud, but to myself "those people are supposed to be there and they don't even know it." One thing about the TV, I was watching Tom goes to the Mayor and I could have swore the whole dialog was about me and what I was doing in my apartment at the exaxt moment. I'd get up and walk around, thinking, and the dialog was right on que with that. I'd think about going outside and again the dialog didn't miss a beat. That tripped me out. Very contemplative trip and I swear the state of mind lasted for about an hour and 15 minutes. The first 5 minutes or so, I said, outloud again - "Ok. I'll just sit on the couch because nothing different will happen. This will be over in about 7 more minutes." Then an hour later I reflected on that and said "well - I'm still trippin." I was going to try and wait it out, cause I had to call my mom for our Sunday chat and didn't want to keep her waiting, so I said "I'll stay on the couch because regardless of what I do, nothing will change." Also had a feeling that even though I was in my apartment, and that I was aware of the walls - that I could either see through the walls, or the walls were part of this huge environment that I was in. Can't wait till I get off work now. :)