The scaffolding men

not long ago i tripped for like my second time on salvia. the first time i got a bad feeling and freaked my trip away for the most part. but this time i was determined to see something cool. i took 2 doses(which was hard for me to do because i get really antsy on the shit)and stood up and went to turn on some music. i got half way to my computer then i looked at my hardwood floor. i looked at it for awhile and then stared at the scaffoldings and then realized that the grain of the wood looked like small men wearing blue shirts that looked like they were meant to be in an old NES game were holding up the wall. i stepped back and looked and it was as if more men clung on the the men holding the wall up, my floor was an army of outdated video game charicters holding on to one another. drenched in sweat i immediately jumped onto my bed afraid that i would make one slip and i would fall through. i stayed there awhile and then sort of "woke up" from the trip. i didnt actually see any 3d objects or go back in time but i could see fucking men holding up my room.