Trippy Mix

Party animals, listen up! it was nine PM and I had planned to go partying in my home city Ghent (Belgium). So I took 5 seeds of Hawaiian baby Woodrose and went to a mate. The seeds started working almost half an hour after I took them. I really felt apathic and strange, not in the mood to party. But I had promissed to accompany my friend who really wanted to go to a d&b party. At first we both went to a couple of dudes we knew from school. They live together in some kind of a student house. Already it was 12 o'clock and the LSA was working really hard. Together with my mates I smoked a Salvia joint and the trip was holding me in his hands. I smoked another Salvia joint and I can insure you, Salvia 5X is a perfect combination with lsa. 01 AM. Time to party. I felt tired and psychotic so partying was not a good idea, but I went anyway. 02 AM. I really wanted to go home, I wanted to speak with nature, kiss a tree, whatever, but not partying and the d&b was crashing my goa ears. But out of nothing a guy came to me and he gave me a stacker-E. "For free" he said and I thanked him. I never saw him again. I took the Stacker and boy, here we go: At first I started running, out of the dancefloor, out of the bar, out of the street. Just running! I don't know why but out of nothing I seized my fictious Goblin-laser gun and I started shooting goblin-jets to people I never saw before. I went back to the party area (in Ghent it's the "Overpoort") and I started to make head rolls. Over the street, head rolls!! Did it hurt? No way. it was fantastic and everybody liked it, nobody tought it was strange or anything. No cars to see, no cops to see, so why not. And the wearest thing of all was that I did it at ful conscience. I knew exactly what I was doing, I just couldn't find a reason not to do it, I still can't. The psychedelics of the lsa didn't dissapear after I took the Stacker, they stayed. It was like a mix of lsd and speed. I was running around, went back inside, found my friends, told them I loved each one of them and ran back outside. 07 AM. I was still tripping a bit. My heart felt calmer and it was time for me to sleep. The guy whom I talked about, friend i went to after eating the seeds, gave me his keys so I could sleep at his house. I did. I saw a movie (ex-drummer, repugnant!!) and fell asleep. 02.30 PM. Feel great