I can SEE my thoughts

Let me introduce myself. I’m a 26 year old guy and I live in Europe (Belgium). I’ve been tripping on mushrooms almost every two weeks for the past year now. I’ve experienced some really intense trips during this time. This trip report is about my latest voyage into the psychedelic realm. An unexpectedly strong but wonderful trip. A good friend (whom we’ll call Mike) and I went camping in the hills for a couple of days. We had brought enough supplies to keep us going for a couple of weeks, just to be on the safe side. Two big bags of some very decent weed, 70 capsules nitrous, a lot of beer and of course 12 home-grown dried mushrooms. The strain was P. Cubensis. We had arrived on Friday evening, and installed our tents and the rest of our gear. Saturday was to be the day of the mushroom trip. Sadly Saturday evening some other campers arrived and installed themselves very close to our tents. Apparently we were not the only ones who knew of this place to set up camp. We set up our tents in a the corner of a field by the riverside so we would have some privacy. These people set up their tents in that exactly same field, approx 15 yards from us. They felt like intruders because we had planned to trip hard. Mike and I smoked a couple of bowls and had some beers. We decided not to trip very hard that night cause these people made us somewhat paranoid. We decided to eat just two medium sized mushrooms. About 40 minutes later I started feeling them. As expected it was a mild trip. Had some visuals, smoked some weed and did a lot of nitrous. Nothing out of the ordinary. The next day the other campers left. Mike and I once again had the campsite to ourselves. “Why o why did we trip yesterday”, Mike said. “We should have waited until today.” Of course I agreed. We started gathering some wood to make a fire for the evening. When it became dark we lighted our fire and smoked a couple of bowls. I got stoned and drank a few beers. “It’s really been be a waste of time and mushrooms”, Mike said. “Maybe we should try tripping again tonight.” Previous trips had been weak, even with larger doses. Since we had already tripped somewhat the day before I was hesitant to trip again today. There’s only so much serotonin in my brain and I believed that there wouldn’t be much left for today anymore. That’s why I suggested to double the dose for this trip. After a light meal we each ate 4 large dried mushrooms. I did not really expect to feel much of them. The campfire was burning and keeping us warm and some music was playing on the portable stereo. We were having an entertaining conversation about the possibility of life on other planets. We smoked some more weed and drank a few more beers. By now I was quite stoned and somewhat drunk. That’s probably why I did not notice the mushrooms coming up. I was having a really good time. After a while I noticed an aura around the moon. I did not really pay attention to this, being in an already shady state of mind from smoking and drinking. I had completely forgotten about the mushrooms earlier so I packed another bowl. The smoke tasted very very sweet. Candy like almost. “The weed isn’t supposed to taste like this” I said this to Mike. He replied that I was propably tripping. I had been tripping so damn much this past year that the trippy feeling had become so normal. Some of you trippers will know what I mean. The last bowl really kicked the trip into a higher gear. I went from barely noticeable effects to full blown tripping in a matter of minutes. “Mike, the mushrooms are really kicking in” I said. “I’m seeing tribal like patterns and trails everywhere.” But these tribals and trails were bigger than any I had ever seen. The visuals and the mindfuck kept getting more and more intense. I looked up at the sky and to my amazement the stars were dancing to the beat of the music. Some clusters of stars were moving closer to other clusters, some were moving further away. Others got brighter and then less bright again. Completely new stars started appearing and disappearing everywhere. Underneath the stars the tribal like patterns were now as big as the sky itself. Huge silver-green spirals were coming down form the stars, all the way to the trees. And this all happened to rhythm of the music. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was such a magical experience it will remain with me for the rest of my life. I tied to explain to Mike what I was seeing, but he did not seem to be enjoying himself as much as I did. He wasn’t having a bad trip but more of a difficult one. He assured me he’d be fine. Meanwhile I was really TRIPPING BALLS. Suddenly I started hearing strange noises. They sounded like tin cans hitting other tin cans. I distinctly heard them a couple of times. This was freaking me out because we were supposed to be alone on the campsite. Who or what the hell was here, throwing cans in the middle of the fucking night? I asked Mikes opinion but he said he didn’t hear anything. I tried to figure out what these sounds were cause I was so sure I had heard something. It had startled me. This is when shit got weird. By now I was tripping so hard I could actually SEE my own thoughts. My mind’s eye had become overwhelmingly strong, overlapping reality. This was the weirdest thing that I have ever seen. I saw about 5 identical yellow cubes, lined up next to each other. Each cube represented a different kind of known sound. The sound of the hitting cans was represented as a blue cube hovering over the other ones. The blue cube did not fit into any of the existing cubes. It then it flew away and disintegrated. I did not like this. It was my mind trying to tell me that I could not figure out the origin of the sound. I tried to explain this to Mike. He looked at me and said to me he couldn’t understand a word of what I was saying. The next day he told me that I was speaking gibberish. I actually thought I was making sense but he did not understand a single word. I left the fire for a minute to get a bottle of water. I wanted to unzip my tent but instead of a zipper I felt something wet and squishy. This really freaked my out for a minute. I looked closer and I saw a snail had crawled onto the zipper. I went back to the fire and wanted to change the cd that was playing. I put my hand on the portable stereo and I felt mucus from another snail. This was really starting to freak me out. I then started seeing snails everywhere. Thank the tripgods they werer just snails. I realised snails can’t hurt people so I tried to get back into a good frame of mind. It was no longer able to think or speak coherently. Later that night I was slowly regaining the ability of human speech, but I still did not make a lot of sense. I tried to get some sleep because the next day I had a long drive home . I wasn’t able to sleep at all. The rest of the trip is kind of hazy. I’m sure I left out a lot of other stuff, but I simply can not recall much more. This trip had taken my by surprise. I guess I was getting a little overconfident. I figured how strong can 4 mushrooms be, right? Apparently these particular ones were extremely potent. Add some weed and strange things can happen. Thanks for reading this trip report. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. Happy tripping!