Unlucky Trip

I woke up one morning and was about to prepare breakfast when my flatmate showed up all dazed and happy, saying that he'd taken these seeds. So I skipped on the food and chewed 4 seeds until they were completely crushed, at which point I swallowed. What ensued was a rather rapid onset of something like 20-30 minutes, which felt nice and 'lifty-uppy', sorta like a mild mushroom come up. This was followed by a swift onset of terrible nausea, stomach cramps and tiredness, but with my mind very much disassociated from myself. Feeling bad I climbed back into bed and lay down with a documentary running on the pc. As I lay there I felt waves of nausea over an at most half-hour period combined with sporadic cases of my mind jumping and causing a painful throbbing sensation. I got into some deep thoughts during this as well, but most of the time I was too focused on the unpleasant sensations to really focus. Then I drifted off for a bit only to be woken by the documentary and a sudden huge urge to chunder, which I duly did mere moments after reaching the loo. After this I spent the rest of the day eating bacon sarnies and drinking lots of squash to restore myself and regain vitality, but an unpleasant grogginess still hung over me for most of the day. My mate on the other hand had a great time with enhanced colours and euphoria - he spent his time playing videogames. So yeah, an extremely varied result.