less is more

i was at a goa festival, i only took some weed from home for on the campside. the festival was called the vuuv, wich i highly recommand, the atmossphere there, is more then friendly and nice, its almost spiritual. but thats a little off topic. but because of that atmossphere you realy get in the mood to use some stimulants. the little bag of weed i brought, wasnt enough obviously. because litteraly everyone is using drugs and the vibe over there is so wonderfull, i cant imagine a better place for a first timer. i allready used some XTC at some point in my life, but only rarely in special occations. i figured this was a good occation, but what do you know, i couldnt find a bit of extacy. i was strolling around the festival grounds and all of sudden i saw a tent of Azarius . I, a true dutchman, knew azarius was a dutch firm. i didnt hesitate to step into the tent. i had a realy nice conversation with the dutch people who were running the shop and i left with a little box of spac- E's, a herbal XTC. because i allready used the real extacy, i was a bit sceptical about the result that this herbalXTC would have. But, right as the time was, i took the pills and waited for the effect. my friends wanted to go to the dance floor again, but i didnt feel like it, we had allready danced for 4 hours before that, so we split up, they went to the dance floor, and me, still waiting for the effect of the herbal, sat down in the grass and looked at the laser show, that was given above the dancing people. then the pills started working... you know, the herbal xtc isnt realy compareable with regular xtc, it was totally different. thats logical offcourse, but ill tell you what was the main difference, i dont know if you ever did xtc, but the feeling you get is that youre run over by extreme allmost sick love, for everything. you feel like everything loves you and you love everything. it realy is a strange thing to experience, nevertheless incredibly nice. i wasnt expecting that from the herbals. but when i was sitting down in the grass, as i looked at the laser above the croud, i became very clear... clear? you might think, but its the perfect way to describe it. not confronting like mushrooms, when actually your face is rubbed in with the trip your having. the herbals had a kind of space, that while you were in it, you can still talk to the police without trembling, hesitating and having the feeling of being caught. can still talk to people, without the creepy faces you can make while youre tweaking. its very background, wich can be very nice, because youre still in control of what you do, unlike being drunk, when i seem to blurp out things i later regret. you dont need to have drug experience for using herbals, its for everyone. the real users, might be disappointed by it, because it just isnt so intense as regular xtc. anyway, i was watching the lasers, wich were totally trippin, and i felt it, i felt the herbals kicking in. it felt like a caring warmth taking over your body, and you feel good about it, i started smiling, there i sat, completly awake and aware of the situation, but still had a terrific feeling of satisfation. it felt natural, like when you say to a girl that you like her and then she says that she likes you back. you know, its that feeling. while when youre on real xtc, you definetly know your feeling is an artificial substance working, while herbals seem to unleash your own happiness, instead of creating a fake one based on chemicals. i felt so happy, and yet so sober, i was still staring at the lasers and all of a sudden, i saw the lasers forming a naked lady, who was dancing in the smoke that was haning above the dance floor. i knew i wasnt hallucinating, my head was to clear for that. but somehow i couldnt stop myself from making sounds like: woooo!! and ahhhh!! at one point i stood up and started saying things like this so fucking beatifull. so there i stood, totally alone saying stupid things while i was staring at the sky. i felt happy, i wanted to talk to people about all sorts of things, and being so clear and able to speak correctly, cause of the control i still had , i was a highly social being. that night i made 12 new friends, with 7 of them i still have contact, even though they life in total different countries. IN SHORT, for the people that dont want to read that whole bunch of lines, or the people with dyslexia: - good for first timers and for standard users (dont expect a powerfull space trip) - the feeling is super natural and you actually doesnt feel druged or poisoned by chemicals. -total control of yourself, no stupid bullshit talk or fraises you later regret - youll get social skills, wich can very enlightend when you are used to be the quiet one. - very, extremly, intense unlikly to go wrong or end up with a bad trip you have to sit out. - puts you in a terrific mood, with the thirst of helping people and sharing everything you got, thats probably the nicest feeling you can get, no one ever got porer by sharing. and its not drugs letting you do this, but it is you who want to do it, it is the result of your inner, unexplainable love for a person that youve never seen. like, in daily life you walk on the street and people pass you by, did you ever noticed, that almost no one give each other a sign of recognision, we just pretend the other just doesnt exist... and offcourse, you got used to it, and maybe im being to idealistic now, but i think its very strange that people doesnt make eye contact or nod their head when you pass by. i think that people can be very happy just by speaking with strangers, the problem is... that you dont know the person, actually youre scared, but with that herbal xtc, i had confidence, i trusted people, and most important of that, i wasnt a scary-tripping-balls-off guy, with a weird, druged face. but i was me... and i just simply felt the need to talk to others, because i allready liked them so much, without me ever talking to them. so, for a nice mild trip, you cant go wrong with the herbals!