Spiritual UFO Sighting on Peyote

Last night, a couple of friends and I tripped on peyote on sacred indian ground. It's this place called Massacre Canyon in Southern California. A long time ago, indians inhabited the canyon and thrived off of a sacred cactus that grows there. Anyway, I guess white people invaded and a huge massacre happened, so this place has the most intense vibes I've ever felt, even without peyote. We were tripping out a little bit, dancing around the fire and doing yoga. I didn't feel the peyote too strongly, I just felt extremely in touch with myself and the Earth. "Grounded." Around two thirty in the morning when the moon had disappeared behind the canyon and we were running out of fire wood, we decided to hot box the tent. We smoked and we all felt the peyote really, really strongly. There were a couple of vultures that we couldn't see, but could hear circling above us. We were singing and laughing and being crazy, but when we finally calmed down a little bit and layed down I hear my friend David say, "Caleb look at this..." Caled said, "Whatever man." David sounded freaked out and was like, "No, dude, PLEASE look at this." We all sat up and looked out of the net of the tent at the sky and saw VERY distinctly what we thought was a UFO. It was a circular yellowish light with too large of an orb to be human and some kind of light coming off of the bottom of it onto the groud. As soon as I saw it I got an indescribably strong instinctual fear in my stomache, I felt like throwing up and couldn't look at it. I wrapped myself in my sleeping bag and tried to calm myself. David and Caleb were still watching it and I was scared shitless so I told them we should all just go to sleep. We all seemed to slip into some sort of meditational trance state for I don't even know how long, occasionally hearing the sound of rocks falling in the distance, and constantly hearing the screeching of the vultures. When we heard something metal fall near us, I said I was scared again, and Caleb told me that whatever was going on was just a spirit, then it just stopped. The noises hushed and the light was gone. David said he was watching it the whole time, and that it sort of just flew away. I don't know what to think of this... even now as I write this I'm shaking... I can't really describe the feelings I felt... Ughh.. Once we all started to talk about it, an idea came to me. For thousands and thousands of years there has been talk about powerful ancient peopeles being contacted by other worldly being, passing on their knowledge, things like that... Well, we went out there hoping to connect to the spirits of our indian ancestors, what if we skipped right through a personal experience with the indians, and they instead chose to show us where they obtained their deeper knowledge..? I hope this makes sense to someone out there, because my mind is completely fucked. Has anyone ever had some sort of UFO encounter on peyote? Help me!!