I walked up d hotel corridor with enough peyote 2 wipe my brain totally clean Of everything it had wasted its time storing. I had decided that this trip 2 Amsterdam would b the 1 that would change me forever; 2 cut a long story short,at about 4:30 i had taking all of this amazing plant and decided (stupidly) 2 go 4 a walk; i walkrd towards a park it was now 5:45 and i was well on my way 2 somewhere i had never been before as i enterd the park the hallucinations really started 2 take control, so i sat on a bench, the bench started 2 move and talk 2 me; i looked behind me and realised that it was not a bench it was a group of hippies; WAT D FUK; i remember thinking. this was weird i couldent tell if the bench had changed into the hippies or visaversa; i decided 2 lay down on the ground, from then on it took me further into the trip; wat i saw was amazing; there wher snakes and people everywhere; wat was really weird was that the people i saw wher not human only half human and half fish some had human heads and chest and some wher the other way around after that i dont remember much, but wen i woke from the trip i was not where i tought i was; but in a hospital wit wires coming out of my head and body; the doctor told me that they pulled me out of a canal and that i was trying 2 talk 2 the fish. weird i know; i dont no wat happend but i intend on finding out; i am heading back 2 holland for another dose of peyote this summer; but this time i will lock myself in the hotel room so no fuking doctor can stop my trip; i will let u know how i get on; GARPA (king of tripping)